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Présentation de PoP, framework pour la création de sites WordPress décentralisés


Bonjour a tous,

je vais présenter PoP – “Platform of Platforms”, un framework pour la création de sites WordPress décentralisés. Je l'ai déjà presenté à WordCamp Frankfurt 2016 (, et cet semaine je le presenterai à WordCamp Sevilla 2016 ( Depuis je serai à Paris le 4 d'Octobre, je voudrais vous montrer ce framework. La presentation sera en Anglais.


PoP – “Platform of Platforms” ( is a Wordpress framework just released as open source ( This framework enables Wordpress websites to interact with each other, fetching data from one another in real time. It allows to decentralize a website’s data sources, to aggregate multiple websites’ data to create a wider network, to export a website’s data for the consumption of 3rd parties and mobile phone apps, and the easy implementation of microservices.

PoP works by combining Wordpress and Handlebars into an MVC architecture framework, in which Wordpress is the model/back-end, Handlebars templates are the view/front-end, and the PoP engine is the controller. Acting as the controller, PoP intercepts Wordpress’ data query results, generates a response in JSON, and feeds this JSON code to Handlebars to be transformed into HTML.

The demonstration will be interactive: participants will be asked to post content in a decentralized website, and see how this information is automatically fetched by an aggregator.

J'espére vous y voir! Tchao,

5 Rue du Jour, 75001 · Paris