WordPress Pasadena (Advanced Topics May 2017 Edition) @ CrossCampus

WordPress Pasadena
WordPress Pasadena
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KABOOM! We are back at it with some Advanced WordPressery for the month of May!

This meetup is for Advanced Discussion of topics pertaining to WordPress. See our guidelines below.

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< What's it about? >

We're definitely talking about WordPress, But we'll be discussing developer-specific topics. If you would like to attend, we strongly encourage you to enrich the discussion by briefly sharing on a topic of your choice surrounding WordPress development. Discussion on your topic should last anywhere from 5-10 minutes and can include sharing your screen although sharing your screen is not a requirement.

< Who's it for? >

Our meetup is inclusive first and foremost. HOWEVER, it is not for everybody and it's not intended to be. Experienced developers, administrators, and content creators are encouraged to attend the meetup and share their knowledge.

What if I'm a beginner? Please attend, you're welcome here! We do expect you to follow and respect our rules below.

< A little about CrossCampus >

CrossCampus is one of the very first co-working spaces that landed in Pasadena. They have great tight-knit community and ample office space to spread out and get work done. I love it here, definitely inquire about a membership. Totes worth it!


* If you want an interactive guide, see the Advanced WordPress Contribution Wizard. (Link (http://www.advancedwp.org/awp-contribution-wizard/))

The Advanced Topics meetup is an inclusive group. BUT this meetup is NOT for everybody and it's not supposed to be. We will abide by the following rules:

• If you have a question, please research it before you bring it to the meetup. Google it, check it on Stack Exchange, do YOUR homework. This isn't a general tech support group. There are great places for that sort of stuff, this group isn't one of them.

• DO NOT sell your products or services to the group. It's not welcome. There are other meetups for just that sort of thing. This is not one of them.

• EVERYONE WILL PRESENT A TOPIC—as time permits, of course (be concise). We do expect everyone to participate if you show up.

• Acceptable topics to present on—

Any type of web/WordPress development tool you're working with or having problems with. If sharing a problem, share what you've done to troubleshoot please. Sharing your code is encouraged.

• A walk-thru of a theme or plugin you have personal experience with using. Share your experiences with us; the good, the bad, and the ewwww.

• A problem or bug you're dealing with. Again, share what you've done.

• Well-researched questions about general WordPress usage and strategy. I will ask you what you've done in your research thus far. If you haven't researched it, your question will be skipped.

Reference: Advanced WordPress Contribution Wizard (http://www.advancedwp.org/awp-contribution-wizard/)

< / RULES >

What makes for an Advanced topic? I don't know. Ten different people will have ten different answers. We're not into policing what is and isn't "advanced." What we do expect is that you research your topic and share with the group.

Also, let's have fun!