[ONLINE] Voice Search and creating your voice brand w/ Chip Edwards

WordPress Meetup Southwest Florida
WordPress Meetup Southwest Florida
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With the explosive adoption of Smart Speakers, the primary interaction with your content will become auditory instead of visual. On the world wide web, our brand revolves around a URL, logo, tagline, color palette, font, images, etc., but when your audience is no longer engaging with your content through a screen, traditional brand elements become invisible.

When your audience just asks for what they want, they expect the answer to be returned verbally. In a voice­-first world, what does your brand look like (I mean, sound like)?

In this talk, Create My Voice Founder Chip Edwards will explore verbal branding, how to claim your verbal domain name, and demystify the hype around Voice Search.

Chip is a partner at CreateMyVoice.com helping content producers engage their audience on Smart Speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Chip is a teacher, speaker, and technologist who is passionate about connecting WordPress content to the new Voice Technology platforms.