WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration


WordPress will be 15th years old this May 27th, 2018!

On Wednesday, May 16th, we're planning an event celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary with WordPress community groups around the world.

You are invited! We'll meet at the address listed on this event to enjoy some refreshments and celebrate 15 years of WordPress. We'll be sharing our party photos and love for WordPress with the rest of the world via the hashtag #wp15.

Don't forget to spread the word, let's make this WordPress birthday memorable :)

We'll also cover our usual ground while we celebrate...


• Current projects (20 minutes) - Introduce yourself, tell us what you are working on at the moment and what you are learning about.

• Problems and Solutions (60 minutes) - Bring us your current problems and we'll use groupthink to try to solve them. If you have a laptop to demonstrate your issue, bring it and we'll plug you into the projector.

• Favorite plugins (30 minutes) - There are 50,000+ plugins available for Wordpress. Which of these are worth installing? Let us know which ones you use, and trade tips for finding good plugins.

• Decide next meeting topics (10 minutes)

What to bring

You may wish to bring a laptop to take notes or to share your screen on the projector. You need a HDMI port if you want to share your screen.