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What to Write when You have Nothing to Say - with Angie Pedersen

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Kansas City Public Library: Plaza Branch (Large Meeting Room)

4801 Main St · Kansas City, MO

How to find us

We'll be in the large meeting room. We get the room at 7pm.

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What to write when you have nothing to say (content brainstorming and development)

Ah, the dreaded blinking cursor on a endless white background. The struggle is real for many people when it comes to writing content, whether their sites or social media. In this session, we'll discuss different sources for writing inspiration, your "content parking garage," and non-competitive competitive research. Feel free to comment with your industry or audience, so we can discuss specific and relevant examples.

About Angie

Angie Pedersen has been blogging in various forms since 1997, from her own sites, to contributing to group blogs, to creating and managing content for clients, agencies, and corporations. She currently runs, a resource hub for all things geeky in Kansas City.

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Meetup Schedule

• Room Setup & Networking - Chat with other group members: 7pm
• Member introductions: 7:15pm
• Presentation: ~7:30pm
• Q&A: Immediately following presentation
• Chat and talk shop: Following Q&A, up until 9pm


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