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Aug 22, 2017


Pretending to aspire to become an artisan cheese maker. I build stuff and take puddle jumping seriously. Don’t follow me unless you want to get dirty.

What is your WordPress skill level? - 1) Beginner 2) Intermediate 3) Advanced


What zip code do you live in?


How did you hear about WordPress KC? (If "search," what did you search for and where did you search?)


Which types of WordPress Meetups are you interested (select all that apply) - 1) Coding/developing in WordPress 2) WordPress beginner topics 3) Marketing my website/business 4) Networking with other WordPress enthusiasts 5) Other - please explain


How do you use WordPress? 1) I develop WordPress websites for clients 2) I use WordPress to run my business website 3) I am a blogger 4) I provide marketing services for clients using WordPress 5) Other - please explain

5, I need to learn about it for work