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Woo vs SaaS Comparison - Collaborative Learning and Real-World Application

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Woo vs SaaS Comparison - Collaborative Learning and Real-World Application


Ready to delve into the world of ecommerce and determine if Woo or a SaaS platform is the right fit for you?

Join this working group series and gain hands-on experience while exploring the nuances of each option. We will meet for virtual introductions in June, then in person in July, August, and September.

In this hybrid 4 month series, you will:

  • Collaboratively evaluate real-world scenarios: We'll analyze both Woo and a SaaS solution through the lens of one specific sales goal, comparing and contrasting potential outcomes and crafting solutions.
  • Deep dive into key considerations: We'll explore factors like ease of use, scalability, autonomy, maintenance, security, cost, support, features, and customizability, providing a comprehensive comparison of both platforms.
  • Get hands-on: Members will work as a group and alone to create and manage a mini Woo store and a mini SaaS store, selling the same product on both platforms.
  • Work as a team: The group will collaboratively determine the social media platform and marketing campaign strategy to leverage for maximum sales impact.
  • Share and learn: At the conclusion of this group series, each member will present their findings, platform preference, key takeaways, sales goals, and lessons learned. Starting January 2025 members will present at their own virtual meetup event, fostering knowledge sharing and community building.

REQUIRED: Basic knowledge of web hosting, experience with WordPress dashboard and familiarity with the woo plugin.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: This series requires the willingness to overcome learning curves alone, to meet as a group for presentations and hands on learning and the sharing of experiences, knowledge, tools and online resources for success. The group will decide together whether to use Shopify, Wix or TikTok Shop.

COST TO PARTICIPATE: Members must bring a laptop, manage their own social media and e-commerce account setup costs including any premium features, hosting plans, domain purchases, and payment solutions.

DATES: We will meet in person the 3rd weekend in July, August, and September. We will meet once virtually in June for group intros.

LOCATION: Mid-town Manhattan. Address will be shared in July. We may work at a coffee shop for easy access to snacks and drinks to fuel us.

SEEKING: More happiness! Bring a sense of humor to lighten up our time together.


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