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Words Aloft is a resource for those who are inclined to embrace the best of the science, philosophy, and religion of a great humanity. Our discussions focus on common elements while we also respect those core beliefs embraced by the others who participate in these exchanges.

We are humbled by the time-bound, space-fettered, finite mind of human kind as we work to comprehend such concepts as the eternal and the infinite. And, unlike the three blind men with the elephant, we find it far more profitable to consider the views of others and thereby augment our own understanding.

We are naturally forced to reconcile two distinct viewpoints precisely because we have been blessed with two eyes. And, just as this feature of human anatomy enhances depth perception, we have the potential to achieve an even greater depth of understanding as we learn to see things through the eyes of a parent, a child, a brother, or a sister.

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The Uncaused Cause

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