What we're about

We are a loving online community that comes together every week to learn about overcoming anxiety.

The idea behind this group is that it is possible for all of us to fully overcome our anxiety.

But it gets better! I believe that overcoming anxiety can in fact be an incredible source of growth and transformation.

===== About the Organizer =====

I’m Paul and I'm from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I struggled with anxiety for most of my life.

A couple of years ago my anxiety got worse than it had ever been. I felt tremendously anxious, fearful, and stressed.

Gradually, I realised that fear and anxiety were running my life. I decided that I was going to try to overcome my anxiety problem.

So I started experimenting with different techniques, methods and strategies.

I started researching, reading dozens of books, going through online courses and attending workshops.

The journey was very challenging, and I had many moments of feeling defeated and hopeless, but in the end I was able to overcome my lifelong problem with fear and anxiety.

And when this happened I saw my life transform! I was able to move towards a more fulfilling career, I made amazing new friends, and I finally really started enjoying my life.

This inspired me to start helping other people overcome their anxiety as well.

This journey also made me decide to become a Pantarei Practioner, Pantarei is an incredibly powerful 1-on-1 method that used the body to create healing and

===== The Healing Circle program =====

For a while now, I've been running the Healing Circle program.

The Healing Circle program is designed to help you on your journey of overcoming anxiety.

In the program we focus on two things:

1 Discovering and applying the most powerful tools, techniques, and methods for overcoming anxiety.

2 Creating a sense of community, sharing with each other, and connecting with each other.

When you join this program, you have a weekly Zoom call with a small community of max 10 people, who are all actively working on overcoming anxiety.

Read more about the program here: https://holisticanxietyadvice.com/healing-circle-program/

===== The Holistic Anxiety Advice YouTube channel =====

In my journey of overcoming anxiety, I've noticed that there are not many resources available that look at overcoming anxiety in a holistic way.

Overcoming anxiety is a big subject! Overcoming anxiety is about changing our relationships, facing our fears, relaxing our bodies, letting go of negative beliefs, and much more.

That's why I've started a YouTube channel in which I look at the different aspects of overcoming anxiety.

You can find my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGUwQtTLaVGVV4x-9PjdJg

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