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Greetings Beautiful Sisters,
Every woman has her own unique Goddess living inside her and every woman needs to connect and open up to her higher and wiser self. We are all truly unique spirits living in bodies who are here to

Greetings Wise & Well Medicine Woman,

Honor & accept all aspects of ourselves in a safe & sacred soul support circle setting.

This Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom has existed for more than 8 thousand years in Ancient India, Egypt and other Civilizations.
For many years it was a Secret Art until now.

In this special time of rapid transformation and evolution, we need to practice this tradition more than ever to stay in our power and heal all the parts of ourselves we have been denying for too long.

Each month we will be sharing many important divine feminine energy medicine for empowerment, self-awareness, self-esteem building, chakra balancing, & ease of creative expression to help you
remember just how special you really are.

I look forward to being your guide, mentor & energy healer so you can fulfill your divine potential and discover your inherited gifts as the ancestral tender of your ancestral family.

Goddess Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura
Website: Http://Vandanalighthealing.com

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Pleidean Mother - Pachamama Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleanse

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Star Mother - Earth Mama - Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse

A Journey To The Pleidean Star Of Transformation, Divine Inspiration & New Beginnings

Join Me LIVE Or On The Replay

Sunday, June 26th
9-11AM PST / 12-2PM EST

Greetings Thousand Petalled Lotus Crown Chakra Goddess,

Come Play With The Pleidean Twin Star Sistars Merope & Asterope To Receive A Seeds Of Light Crown Chakra Rite Of Empowerment & New Earth Guidance From The Nusta Mountain Twin Sistar Earth Spirits Huana & Tomasa Wamantikkla.

Teleport With Me To The Falcon Temple of Of Freedom, Higher Self Communication & Inner Transformation To Open, Awaken & Activate Your Starseed Intuition To Receive Important Updates, Downloads & Light Code Instructions From Your Star Mother Teacher Pleione, Alcyone The Star Of New Beginnings, The Nustana Incan Twin Sistar Earth Goddesses & The Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor Bird Tribes To Swoop Down, Sweep Out & Clear Your Limbic System From Magical Thinking, Fear Of Source Separation & Disconnection From Great Spirit!

This Class Is Perfect For You If You've Been Struggling With:

Mental Exhaustion
Chronic Headaches
Sinus Pressure
Poor Physical Coordination
Disconnection From Your Higher Self
Lack Of Divine Inspiration & Motivation

If Any Or All Of These Crown Chakra Blockage Symptoms Resonates, Then Take An Inter-Galactic Crown Chakra Journey With Me To Part Veils Of Starseed Forgetfulness So You Can Finally Remember Lost Knowledge, Star Wisdom & Your Birth Right Of Freedom In This Sahasrara Lotus Flower Crown Chakra Awakening.

When You Say YES & Are Ready To Come Out & Play, You'll Receive A FREE Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleanse MP3 To Connect Your I AM THAT I AM Galactic Goddess When You Register Before Sunday, June 19th Midnight (Valued At $45)

Click here to Open, Awaken & Activate Your Cosmic Crown Chakra:

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Pleidean Mother - Pachamama Cosmic Crown Chakra Cleanse

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