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"Worldviews are sets of beliefs and assumptions that describe reality. A worldview is a way of describing the universe and life within it, both in terms of what is and what ought to be. Worldviews represent a person’s or a culture’s answers to fundamental existential questions."

This group is here for anyone wanting to discuss their beliefs, or what I would call a worldview.

This is an open and chilled out time, where we can chat openly and ask questions! Gareth and I have a Christian worldview, and would love to hear what others believe, we are a very friendly bunch :) - we will in now way "judge" anyone.

No matter what you believe, if you would like to be part of a conversation about important questions in life come along, and enjoy a cup of coffee!

We have not settled on a definite location, so please keep an eye on the location of each event, and the time, as we looking to start some evening events now.

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Starbucks Coffee

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