What we're about

Worth The Journey is a community ecosystem of local-enthusiasts, artists, small business owners, wellness and fitness lovers, activists, and many other creative, loving, vibrant humans all gathering around a love of engaging with our local community.

Events are hosted by our community of grassroots leaders (this could be you!) and are centered around the following 5 areas of focus:

• Wellness

• Spirituality

• Creativity

• Social Justice

• Local Business

In a typical month our members might meet up for mindful co-working, a reiki skill share, an hour of DIY bike fixing, yoga in the park, eco-village visioning, or an up-cycled crafts workshop.

We value a holistic approach to life, work, health, relationships, and activism. We believe our bodies hold important wisdom, the land is one of our greatest teachers, and we can build thriving, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable lives when we create in community.

There are 3 ways to become a member in this community and all new members get a one-month free trial to scope it out!

Check out all the details and join us here: https://worththejourney.com/community

We love to welcome new friends into our community and we can't wait to meet you at one of our in person gatherings soon!

Your organizers,

Harmony and Noé

Upcoming events (3)

[Free!] Book Club: The Children of Now

The Light House

This is a weekly meet-up. During our first bookclub meetup of this series, we will be diving into the first chapter of The Children of Now ~ this will be an oppertunity to share insights connect, and network with other parents/caretakers/people of similar interest on the fascinating topic of our most gifted individuals! These gifted children are coming in by the thousands.. Your child, you, or someone you know may carry the traits of these highly gifted individuals. Come learn more with us and be a part of the discussion! Overview: The Children of Now is a groundbreaking work which shows that a large number of kids come into the world bearing inherent gifts that are beyond strange-they are telepathic, understand subtle energies, and have amazing psychic abilities. Fascinating to anyone with an open mind, The Children of Now tells the life-illuminating stories of these incredible kids...


1523 21st Ave S

We all have a dream seed. Honestly, we probably all have little bags of unlabeled dream seeds stowed away in all sorts of places waiting to be remembered and tended to. The miracle of life, patiently waiting for just the right conditions to explode into a glorious unfurling of pure potential. Your seeds are ready. So together, let us tend to the soil that will nourish this new life into something greater. It is time for our dreams to be nourished by a mycelial web of community. We exchange energy, experiences, and skills in a co-creative process. So answer me this: What dreams beat in your heart? What blocks their full expression? How can you, planted in your community, nourish your dreams? Like an acorn seedling sprouting under a sidewalk, the blocks to our success seem big at first. But in the end, the purpose of the oak is far more powerful than anything standing in its way. We gather: -to clarify what we want -to find what blocks our fullness -to remove those blocks -to allow the unfolding our deepest dreams -to celebrate the harvest and share our greatest gifts This is how we create the life and world we want to live in. What to Expect: In this 2-hour workshop, we will -play fun and silly improv games that cast away the cares of the world, cultivating play and spontaneity -work with partners and small groups -be witnessed by the group as we explore our inner selves You will have the chance to do deep personal work and walk away, inspired and clear. What to bring with you? Your desire to design your life, on your terms. Take some time to reflect on what you want in life and what holds you back. Come ready to dive in deep. Venue and Accessibility This event is held in a private home. There is one flight of stairs to reach the event space. Restrooms are gender neutral. There is a medium-sized doggo who lives in the home. He is very friendly but will bark at the door. Free street parking is available on 21st and 22nd Avenue. The house is easily reached by Bus numbers 48, 7, and 106. Cost This event is offered on a donation basis. Come as you are; pay what you want. Suggested donation is $10-40. We look forward to seeing you there!

[Free!] "The Art of Gathering" Book Chat & Happy Hour!

Let's meet at The Hi-Tide (the official bar and restaurant at The Collective) for tasty happy hour treats and a chat about Priya Parker's book The Art of Gathering. To prepare for this meetup, please read the book and bring your ideas, questions, thoughts, and inspirations to our low key, free-wheeling discussion of the book and how we'll use it to shape the gatherings we host in the future. Expect side tangents, toasts, and plots, schemes, and epic collaborations sketched out on the backs of bar napkins. We should have a grand time, especially if we all promise not to think too hard about all the things we will learn *from* reading the book that we would have done differently *for* the book chat if we had read the book *before* we planned this event! :D #SoMeta --- ACCESSIBILITY The Collective is on the first floor with mostly flat, wide floors. There are a few spaces with one step down (or in the case of the hammocks and rock climbing wall, several steps up), but we will be meeting in a space that can be reached without going up or down any stairs. The bathrooms are made up of a wall of gender neutral, single locking stalls with a shared trough sink (they are also super swanky and fun!). If there are ways we can make the space more accessible for you, please let us know, we would LOVE to help shape a welcoming space for your body and your needs. TRANSPORTATION Public transit: The 62 stops right in front of the collective. Within a few blocks is also the 5, 8, 26, 28, 40, C Line, E Line, and the South Lake Union Street Car. Onsite bike storage is available. Bring your bike inside and we'll show you where to lock it up. There is a lot of construction in the area, which can affect street parking, so if you're driving, you'll probably want to allow extra time to find a spot

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[Free!] Vision Boarding for Your Most Pleasurable Year Yet with Real Hedonism

Capitol Hill Branch - The Seattle Public Library

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