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What we’re about

According to, everyday 310 people are victims of gun violence. More than 200 of those people survive. I'm looking to start a circle for wounded survivors of gun violence. It will start virtual but may include in person meet ups at some point. At this time it will be peer run but I would welcome a licensed therapist to host this as well. I'm just putting my feelers out at this point. If you are a wounded survivor and are able/willing/comfortable enough to reach out, message me and we can talk have a conversation about how we can support each other. Some of my ideas are discussing ways to calm our central nervous systems, possibly having guests that guide us in mediation, breathwork. Or we could discuss books that would provide healing. Mainly though, I want to connect with people who understand the effect of gun violence in a way only a wounded survivor can understand, to share my story and to listen to yours. Once there are a few members, we can come up with a code of conduct in order to make the space feel as safe as possible. At this time, there is no charge to attend. In the future, I may ask for donations to cover the cost of the meetup membership or room rental fees if we meet in person.