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Energy Workers, Healers, Seekers of Ancient Knowledge, Witches, Pagans, Shamans, and Such!
We are an Awesome Learning Academy.  We reserve the right to deny membership without cause or notice. Request an Application from Woventear.
Enjoy classes, all the Sabbats, Rituals, and Celebrations every month as a member of the Tri-Council Academy and Treasure Valley Witches. Below are a few of what we offer.
*How to Series
*Mystickal Fridays 
*Spirit Thursdays with Tea and Tarot 
*Services - Vodou Tradition Workings, Reiki, Vibrational Healing Sessions, More
*Spellcrafting, Witchcraft, Vodou Classes
*Craft Days
*Herbal Classes
*Much More!
Idaho's Largest and Oldest Academy of Pagan Studies ~ Participate in Gatherings, Classes and Rituals! Every month the Magickally and Spirited Inclined meet. Practitioners of the Craft come together to practice and speak of spiritual mysteries, wisdom, traditions, and secrets.

"This is a lifestyle, the way we look at the universe and how we see ourselves within it," Says Woventear, who is the curator of the Academy. She has been practicing and holds several degrees and accomplishments for over 40 years... She is a Master Herbalist, Vodouisant, Clergy, and is a leading authority on Pagan Studies, Witchcraft and Tibetan Shamanism. "Knowledge and Wisdom is the key."

"You take responsibility for teaching, guiding, and empowering others around you."
Enrollment is open to those who seek an alternative spiritual learning/healing path.

Join us for Sabbat Celebrations, Full and Dark Moon Rituals, Tarot, Workshops, Classes, and Events!
Woventear ~ 208-570-4247
Information below; on some of our Annual Events, Mission Statement, Apprenticeships, and Lots of Learning Opportunities...

Tuition and Fee Based Classes:
Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Gatherings, Rituals, Classes, Workshops, Guest speakers/educators, and More...
* Beginning, Intermediate, and Master Herbalist Courses start Spring and Fall, discounts for early enrollment and for payments in full.
* Spirit Thursdays with Tarot, Divination, Building your Grimoire, Kitchen, Urban and Green Witchery, Candle Magick, Spell Crafting, Ritual, Altar Tools and set up, Elements and Correspondences, Quantum Physics, Study the Laws of the Universe, 13 Moons for your Higher Self,  and Much More!
* Crystal Healing, Paper Making, Advanced Witchcraft, Meet Your Elemental Dragon, Become a Reiki Master, Manifesting with the Moon, These are just a few that are available at the Academy. Enroll Now! :)
* Join us on Herb and Mushroom Gatherings, Forest and Earth Walking, Campouts, Reiki Weekends, Journeying Courses, Astral Travel, Art and Craft Classes, and Much More!
* We are the Oldest, and Largest Academy of Pagan Studies in Idaho!
* Pet Health Reiki, and Herbals, Organic and Homemade Treats.
* Classrooms fill up fast!
Enrollment starts Now!
Check with Woventear for more details. Call or text 208-570-4247 or email at woventear@yahoo.com


Woventear ~ The Treasure Valley Witches ~ Bella's Grove ~The Tri~Council Academy of the Magickal Arts, and The Moonlight Mystics exists for the education, edification, and celebration of the tenets of the Pagan, Shamanic, Vodou, Wiccan, and such beliefs and the presence of Spirit found within all beings and all things of the Universe.
The above exist to honor and worship the Power and Universal Spirit, and the many facets of Spirit in all of its forms, all of its manifestations, and all of its cycles and seasons.

Our primary purpose is for education, worship, and community service in accordance with all the Pagan beliefs and history; to create and provide a place for all who seek Spirit to gather for study, worship and to honor Spirit and the Cycles of the Universe; to help promote and expand, at all times striving toward better understanding and acceptance of the Our/Your/Pagan Community by helping to dispel misunderstandings and misconceptions still held by the general public through education, example, and helping those in need within the community.

All members of The TCA and associated sites are expected to:

· Honor and be a positive reflection of all belief systems... Be that Pagan or not... and or Your Tradition.

· Participate in the majority of discussions.

· Attend the majority of meetings, study groups and/or any online services.

· Support, encourage and help one another

· Honor the Earth, Her Cycles and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment.

· Respect all beings and the beliefs of each person, recognize and acknowledge all paths.

· Refrain from disruptive behavior of any type in gatherings, classes, workshops, boards, forums, and all parts within.

· Strive to be a positive example as one who seeks to walk a Spiritual Path and honors the tenets of our/your tradition

You will study along side an elite group of peers! To honor Spirit within the varied traditions. Learn, participate, and agree to observe the Laws of The Houses... Bella's Grove, The Treasure Valley Witches...  and our Universe!

Woventear / Tri-Council Elders and Associates / Assistant Organizers: responsible for all duties related to operation and development of The Treasure Valley Witches, Tri-Council Academy, and Bella's Grove, and all business within the guidelines set forth.

Is of the highest priority and will never be disrespected and will be kept in the strictest of confidence. 
EDUCATION Studies of interest to the Pagan and such community and those persons seeking a Spiritual path will be conducted and encompass topics, tenets and subjects taught within The TVW's Tradition by the Tri~Council Academy.
~ Don't be fooled... This is NOT a Year and a Day Study Course ~
Reclaim your power, your beauty, your strength, and your ability to use the gifts of the earth and universe.

Do you sense a longing and desire? Something has been missing from your life, something you have desperately needed, something you cannot name?

It is in the air you breath, the ground you walk... It has been asleep all these years.

You seek to know, to learn of the great mysteries, and to walk the path of those who honor the ancient ones. Your thirst for the knowledge of what came before, ... before this world became unbalanced.

Take the first steps on this path and learn the Craft of the Wise. It begins with a longing and evolves into tradition. You now have a name for the things that were once purely instinctual. You discover that others share your beliefs... You are not alone.

Walk the path of Discovery with Us!

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to find your personal, unique path within your chosen area of study.

In this 13 month study of the Craft you will experience:

* Attuning yourself to the powers of nature
* Experiencing the elements and correspondences
* Meditation and Chakra Knowledge
* Learning about the history of paganism, deities, ritual, and divination.
* Practicing basic Ritual components
* Altar tools and set up, Ritual and spell crafting 
* Deeper experience of nature and energy
* Finding/crafting magickal and ritual objects
* Further information and discussions on subjects like history, your dark side, dedication?
* Getting to know the nature that surrounds you
* Developing habits of spending time in nature
* Experiencing Herbs close up and personal
* Field trips to enhance your learning experience
* Assignments, homework, and commitments
* Quantum Physics
* Science of Magick
* Reiki I and II attunement
*Much more! Enroll Now!

The cost for this course is $850.00 ~ (13 plus months at $66.00 per month) payments continue until the course is finished. If you are truly interested in this program, Enroll Now!

Believing In You!
Woventear 208-570-4247

Members of The TVW's ~ The Tri~Council Academy and (associated with) shall gather, especially for, but not limited to, the purpose of studying the tenets and teachings of The Tri~ Council, to honor and celebrate all Sabbats and Esbats and for worship, informal ritual and activities, energy work, healing, etc.

Want to become more? Volunteer... Help your community by organizing, donating food, time, craft supplies, rides, teach a class, lots of opportunities to become involved in your new community. talk to Woventear.

Members of The TVW ~ Bella's Grove ~ The Tri~Council Academy shall seek to help by helping those in need to the best of their abilities and capabilities, on an individual and/or group basis, when such need is brought to their attention. Such need includes, but is not limited to, helping any individual who may not have the basic necessities of life or having other special needs, healing and/or energy work meant to help or improve the lives and world around us, assisting in or forming projects which serve community needs as a whole, and such projects that serve to help the Earth and the World we live in, etc.

Note: Amendments may be made, and expected to be made, at a later date and as The Tri~Council should grow and further develop.
Woventear 208-570-4247

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