(Zoom Video Event) WordPress vs Squarespace/Wix vs Drupal vs October CMS

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Tonight's event is online - you need to install the Zoom app (zoom.us).

18:00 - Zoom video link open. Chat to other WordPressers while we get started, and feel free to get food/drinks from the fridge/cupboard/kettle.

18:15 - "Introduction to October CMS" - Matthew Bryson talks us through October CMS - how it works, and what its pros/cons are.

18:35 - "Introduction to Drupal" - Adam Hill from Consult & Design will talk us through Drupal - how it works, and what its pros/cons are.

18:55 - Short Break

19:05 - "Introduction to Squarespace / Wix" - We are still looking for a speaker for this, but to discuss Squarespace or Wix - how it works, and what its pros/cons are.

19:25 - "Introduction to WordPress" - Alison K talks us through what WordPress is and how it works, as well as its pros and cons.

19:45 - Community discussion - which content management system is best for certain situations? Ask our community questions.

20:00 - Virtual Social
Join us for more WordPress discussion once the event has finished.