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This group has been created to help writers find the focus, energy, drive and support needed to start, finish, and celebrate your book and/ or any writing project.
Without doubt, all writers and aspiring writers have dreams of either one or multiple projects. We all start with the best of intentions, but inevitably, our projects stall out due to writers block, fatigue, and those other pesky "life gets in the way" problems. My hope is that this group will utilize the strong benefits of a supportive MeetUp membership, to create a supportive writers community that will help each other overcome those obstacles, finish our projects, and help each other celebrate our successes. One goal is for this group to give members tools, advice, inspiration, different perspectives, support, constructive critiques, and more, all while having fun on the writing journey.
I was really inspired to start this group for two main reasons: One, I found a great book called: "Write-A-Thon", by Rochelle Melander, and second, I've run other MeetUp groups, currently run two others, and have met some GREAT, GREAT folks via the MeetUp platform.
My philosophy in forming and running a MeetUp group is to adapt topics, formats, and agendas based on the membership, not to have a fixed, static agenda. I have also taken the time to look at other Writer's MeetUps in the Southeast Michigan area, and I do not want to duplicate the efforts of these other groups, but to make this group complimentary to others. At least at the start, I'd like for this group to be focused on the process of writing and project development. This would involve such things as: Preparation, attitude, structuring YOUR writing process, planning, etc. We'd further talk about pacing, inspiration, and motivation. We'll also celebrate successes and milestones along the way. While in the formative Phase of the group, I really don't see the group getting together to all write while we're in the same place, and I also want to tread very carefully on the prospect of critiquing other members writings. Also, as far as MeetUp dates and times, my weekly schedule is fluid, so my plan is to have MeetUps at differing dates and times: A Morning Edition, Evening Edition, and Weekend Edition.
My main request is that you join this group with a Giving Spirit, looking more to what you can give and share with others, rather than solely with a "WIIFM" Attitude. As I said, I have lots of experience running other MeetUps, and I know they can be valuable, educational, fun, and forge great professional relationships and personal friendships. I hope you will come along on this journey! Thanks for your consideration!

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Puerto Rican Cuisine in America

Needs a location

This is a cross-post for the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor. The Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor (CHAA), founded in 1983 by Jan Longone and friends, is an organization of scholars, cooks, food writers, nutritionists, collectors, students, and others interested in the study of culinary history and gastronomy.

Sunday, May 16, 4-5:15 p.m.
Puerto Rican Cuisine in America with author and teacher Oswald Rivera.

Register to attend at:

The Benefits of Joining a Revision Group With Josie Schneider

Online event


Here at Write-On!, an evolution has occurred in how we conduct our revision groups. The pandemic caused us to move to Zoom meetings that turned out to be a great discovery for everyone's improved writing. In the meetings, the deep-dive observations of others unearth the problems and virtues of not only your writing samples but also of your thinking and approach to writing. Come see if a zoom revision group is right for you.

Hosted by Lexi Mohney with presentation by Josie Schneider

6:00 – Arrival to zoom, wait for people to join and conversation time
6:15 – Introduction by Lexi
6:25 – Presentation by Josie
7:10 – Q&A
7:40 – Announcements and end meeting

Write On, Ann Arbor is an enjoyable place to learn, teach, share, grow, and become better writers. Every meeting offers a chance to engage with the group, gain knowledge, and become a vibrant member of the community. We look forward to seeing you!

Cost: $5 via paypal, venmo, or zelle helps us cover expenses of hosting and running the group on meetup.

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Poetry With Jihyun Yun

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