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Write the Docs Munich is for everyone who is involved with and cares about documentation. We welcome technical writers, editors, content strategists, information architects, instructional designers, UX designers, and software developers.
Let's create a community of peers to share ideas about how docs can contribute to a better user experience.

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Ensuring quality of your documentation

JetBrains Event Space

This Thursday we invite you to talk about documentation quality. How we, writers, can ensure it? Here's a list of topics that we would like to discuss: - Searching for use cases - Making sure that the facts are correct - Making sure the article is easy to read, images are of high resolution, there’re no grammar errors - Making sure all steps in procedures are in the correct order - Making sure that all terms are used in accordance with the guidelines How do you cover these bases? Come along and share your thoughts and opinions with a group of like-minded people. *Agenda* 18.30 - Doors open: Networking, pizza, and drinks 19:00 - Welcome! 19:05 - Ensuring the quality of your documentation 20:00 - Lightning talks (SPEAKERS WANTED!) 20:30 - More networking 21:30 - Time to say 'goodbye'

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Understanding Our Audience

SAP Customer Experience

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