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Are words your continual passion? If so, how about committing to their production! The Worcester Writers Group may be able to help you.

Are you a well adjusted adult? A person hearty enough to survive the rigors of giving and receiving honest and useful critique? Can you commit to regular meetings? Writing schedules? Reviews and rewrites? Can you be accountable to other people? If so, read on.

Poetry, short stories, novels, articles and essays are examples of projects you might try with us. Are you a nervous novice? Or a published professional? We welcome all skill levels.

Before you apply for membership, please navigate to the "Files" section of this site and read the 4 admin files. These shall tell you more about our tone and about the work load. If you still wish to proceed after digesting those, then apply for membership.

Before applying also keep in mind that membership of the group entails approximately 4-6 hours of reading and critiquing. It also adds another 2-3 hours spent in meeting when the writers get together for exchanging the critiques every month. Members who are not able to make it to the meeting may upload their critiques but writers being critiqued must be present for the meeting.

We require hard work, commitment, and a measurable respect for others.

Blowhards, belligerents, or the mean spirited need not apply.

First Amendment: Thou shalt be at least 21 years old.

Second Amendment: Thou shalt put in at least three months of critique effort before thou can submit your work for being critiqued.

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