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What we’re about

The Writers’ Group of the Triad is a loose collection of Meetup groups having to do with writing. Each group is independent and operates under its own rules and at a meeting place of its choosing.

Current subgroups include the Fiction Writers Roundtable, the Short Story Writers Round Table, and the Speculative Fiction group. We're in the process of adding a Children's/YA group. Some subgroups we'd like to add include: Poetry, Memoir, Mystery and Suspense, Romance, Screenwriters, Novel writers, Self-Publishing, and Editors. If you are interested in a new subgroup, send a message to the Organizer, Rick Fisher, at (or send me a Meetup message).

In the past, WGOT consisted mostly of genre-specific monthly critique group meetings where members could improve their writing skills through peer review. With the demise of the parent non-profit organization, many of these groups disbanded (unnecessarily), so we are now looking for people to host groups in nearly all areas. If you are interested in facilitating meetings for any particular type of writing, let us know! We'll set you up and help you get started. Groups meeting anywhere in the Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem area are welcome.

We are also interested in adding groups on publishing, editing, marketing, or specific aspects of the craft of writing, such as improving structure or point of view, or even groups where writers can discuss problems of any sort they are encountering, or simply rant about writing issues--in short, groups designed to energize writers rather than improve skill. If it has something to do with writing, we're interested! Send the Organizer a message.

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