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#WRTGPRAC is an online group of writers prompted by the organizer, TK Camas. Every day, a prompt is provided. Every week, stories are written. Every month, a challenge is presented. Every year, more people become writers.

Join us, if you dare! https://writingpractitioners.wordpress.com/

We utilize this Meetup platform in the following ways:

• Present opportunities for the writers online to write together in person

• Announce those opportunities

Please DO NOT MESSAGE the organizer through this platform. Questions regarding specific Meetups may be asked in the comments section of the respective Meetup where answers will also be given.

Organizer Office Hour: Wed thru Sat 9 - 10AM

Information about #WRTGPRAC, in general, is distributed solely through our Wordpress site.

Questions regarding #WRTGPRAC need to be emailed through the website. JOIN US on Wordpress to stay in the loop with pertinent information regarding potential Meetup times, philosophies, contingencies, etc.

Please familiarize yourself with the Tentative Calendar of Events (https://www.meetup.com/writing-practitioners-seattle/photos/29523761/) to understand the rhythm and priority of the group.

See you online!

p.s. at the end of every month, everyone who has failed to make themselves known to the organizer in some way or fashion (be creative) will be booted from the group. this is a group of active participants. if you don't want to share, don't take up the space.

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Bedlam Coffee

LET'S STRATEGIZE! For the second WRITING DATE, let's focus on building and developing the most important aspects of the stories we tell ... the characters. We'll play and tinker with building characters by writing together, in and out of character, hearing how each person influences and changes each character we attempt to create. Objective: Participate as a player on a team all attempting to accomplish different goals. (I know, but it's the best I could come up with.) Please Bring: Paper and Writing Utensil (along with any necessary accoutrements) $5-10 to spend patronizing Bedlam Coffee (our Meetup location) NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED Note: There is a ten-person limit to this group. Mutual respect goes a long way. If there is a change to this Meetup, it is my duty to inform you of this change, and, respectively, vise versa. There are no warnings. I will simply boot you from the group. Miscellany: FREE street parking downtown on Sundays Bedlam Coffee offers a number of espresso-type beverages, along with alternative milks, and various bakery-type food stuffs. Thanks to Craven for bringing this location to my attention! February is also, DONATION MONTH. Therefore, there is no fee for this Meetup, but DONATIONS / GIFTS ARE ACCEPTED.

2019 Daily Prompt Pledge | FEBRUARY

Needs a location

[THIS IS AN ONLINE-ONLY MEETUP ] #WRTGPRAC (https://writingpractitioners.wordpress.com) is hosting its monthly online Pledge! RSVP for FREE to PLEDGE FREE ---> if you simply want to challenge yourself! $15 / DONATION (=/+) -----> if you want your progress tracked in order to receive the February Badass Badge upon successful completion of each post on each day its posted! (visit the #WRTGPRAC website to pay or donate through PayPal https://bit.ly/2UxynPp) Objective To complete every single Daily Writing Prompt through the month of February. To actively participate online with other writers (not every day, but most days). To surrender to the process, which will inevitably bring forth all of the psychological issues you have regarding yourself as a writer. Schedule Week One: Continuous Storytelling Week Two: Free Writing; Two-Day Challenge Week Three: Add-On | Character Week Four: Three-Day Challenge; Make-Up Day; Free Writing Tools Computer with internet access Online Office Hour: Wed-Sat 9-10 AM

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Cone & Steiner

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