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Every month women get together to empower, inspire, educate and support one another. Because we believe learning should be fun, you are always guaranteed a great time at any of Women?s Wellness Society events! Chapter monthly meetings typically begin with personal introductions, so you can share with the group your passions and your profession if you have one. This can also be a time for the ladies to ask for help and support. We also enjoy scrumptious meals and great conversation at our meetings. After a delicious meal, our members and guests sit back and enjoy a lecture specific to various health topics that pertain to women. We believe that every woman possesses special talents and gifts that they can share with the group. If you are someone who likes to give, this is your chance to give back. We also know that women have many needs and don't have a comfortable forum to express those needs. If you are open to learning, having fun, growing and sharing, meeting new friends,, then become a member and join us today! Once a year we come together for our well known Soulful Journey by the Sea Retreat. We hope to see you at an event soon! www.womenswellnesssociety.com

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Why a "diet" of self-love is the only one that really works
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Project Mate Bar LLC

I'd love to lead this Meetup! It's a topic I spoke about on on a recent radio show, blogged about, and addressed in my new Kindle book. As a Women's Wellness and Weight Expert, I don't believe in deprivation-based dieting, and help other women discover their Idea Cuisine, maintain their ideal weight, and most importantly, create joyful relationships with food. Having relocated to South Florida a few months ago, I'm happy to connect with other women interested in wellness here.

Increased Energy, Creativity and Possibility!
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This is a rare opportunity to work one-on-one with a master teacher and healer! Release your emotional baggage from the past, and identify and experience your highest vision and highest vibration! Shaman healer, James Hyman founder of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork & Integrated Quantum-Theta Healing, is coming to South Florida this week, today, Tuesday, Oct. 2nd - Tuesday, Oct. 9th offering Private Sessions of his profoundly transformational bodywork, and he still has some limited openings in his schedule for transformational healing private sessions in the Miami area. I hope you are able to experience this work for yourself, as it is unique, and for most people, one of their lives' most transformational healing experiences. Anyone who appreciates clarity, new energy and new insight, loves their empowering private bodywork and emotional release and quantum-theta healing session with James, which helps you let go blocked energy and negative patterns associated with past limitations and trauma. He then helps you to connect and have a profound personal experience of your own unlimited and unconditional empowerment and sense of well-being. James' work is great for anyone who is interested in increased physical and creative energy, new insight, clarity, emotional freedom and sense of well-being. During your session, James is applying between 5-10 different, powerful and effective healing techniques to release blocked energy in the all the energy fields of the body, including the chakras, the subconscious mind, the internal energy system, the cranial sacral, the quantum-field and the theta field. Clearing these blockages, and aligning these frequencies of energy to a higher vibration is more than just healing... James' work helps you to break through to a new level of your personal and spiritual evolution. James helps you to connect with and fully experience your unlimited, unconditional empowered shamanic vision for your life and what you came here to do. Identifying and clearing these blocks and having a direct physical and emotional experience of your highest unlimited vision of your life, is for most people, powerfully healing. After your session, you see your life moving forward in the direction that you set forth during your session from your most empowered state of clarity and unconditional possibility! After over 30 years, and thousands of sessions, psychic healer and intuitive James Hyman, is extremely, skilled, consistent, experienced and gifted at helping you to identify whatever is keeping you blocked, and release it. This work is unique, in that one session is enough to experience lasting, and life-changing results. During the session, you are able to experience the energetic frequency of your highest potential in this lifetime... what your life would feel like in the absence of fear and pain, if there were no limitations. Clearing blockages and balancing the chakras, clearing negative patterns from the subconscious mind, aligning the cranium and the sacrum, expanding levels of awareness and connection to self, intuition and mental clarity, enhancing your immune system, and your creative and emotional expression. All of this? In one session? It isn't possible! But anyone who has worked with James knows it is! After your session you immediately feel more balanced physically and emotionally, and more connected to your creative process and spirituality. You're able to enter more fully into the present moment in a relaxed state, and experience bliss. These are the initial and continued benefits of the session! I've included a link to James' website below for more details. www.emotionalrelease.com Please call Barbara, (323)[masked] with any questions, and for more information about how you might personally benefit from scheduling a one-on-one private session with James, or if you have any specific questions about the work. James is also available for a FREE Consult, for those considering the work. Let Barbara know if you want to reserve time with James while he's in the South Florida area. Sessions are 1 1/2 hours, and the fee is $250. Credit card payments are accepted, and several payment options are available. Sliding scale rate may be available. (Use the code word: METAPHYSICS to receive a $25 discount offered to this Meetup!) I've included some testimonials below from some people who have worked with James previously: “The healing speaks for itself… my vibration has risen to a new level….” Thanks for the session James! I’ve been smiling widely ever since. ( : Since the session with James, Charlie hasn’t needed any of his meds, allergy meds etc Wanted to say thank you for our session a few weeks ago… I’ve felt really great since and FINALLY actually let go my ex. “I appreciated how James, through his humor and wisdom, fostered a sacred space which supported individual and collective healing.” “The work helped me really connect with my heart energy.” “Jim is a phenomenal facilitator, creating a safe and sacred space which supports the healing, opening, and enlightening of all participants. I am looking forward to attending the next level training!” “One result is that I was able to deeply experience the connection between all of life, especially with one another as spiritual beings.” “The emotional release is the stepping stone to a healthier, more free and uplifting life.” “…the work was perfect for me… I was able acknowledge and release suppressed emotions and reclaim my power.” OH my GOSH!!!! I just got done with James, I feel like a new me! James Hyman is the real deal..a true healer and his work is profound, I have witnessed both personally and in group settings amazing through this work. During this time it is urgent to get in touch with and heal our emotional energy, personally and collectively. This work is safe, effective and transformational. “Jim is a great speaker and teacher!” I am writing you to let you know that the one session with Jim dis-solved my abandonment anxiety, attachment anxiety, and co-dependency. A miracle? Sure, of course. Thank you again for helping me to be free of that stuff. Just to let you know that I had a wonderful session; I didn’t expect it to be so simple yet so powerful; James Hyman is a one of a kind healer. His work is nothing short of incredible, with the ability to release lifetimes of of blocked energy and get the person in touch with the real self within in just a single session. I have worked with and continue to work with James and have seen him positively affect the lives of many people. If you are ready for real transformation, clarity and soul connection, I cannot recommend this work more. Saul David Raye I had James over once at my house where he performed a veritable miracle, healing me of a broken heart due to a long lost love. In my humble opinion, James is one of the best men that ever walked this valley of tears. I'm so glad I met James. I know that I was guided to get to him. I'm a physician/ scientist and we don't use these words lightly. There is no doubt in my mind that a spiritual event took place when I was guided to meet James. I saw James last December. He came to my home. I've only seen James one time, but he helped me so much. Don't miss this opportunity for profound healing Call, Text or Email now, to meet with James this coming week in South Florida! Call Barbara Hyman (323)[masked] www.emotionalrelease.com Email: [masked]

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