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What we’re about

The Enneagram is a personality-typing system, commonly used in areas of business and personal development. What is particularly intriguing about this approach is the map it lays out towards self-actualization. By gaining more insight into our own drives and impulses, we are able to take more control over our destiny and steer our lives toward fulfillment. Additionally it teaches us empathy and tolerance towards others, as we learn of the important values that each type of person brings to the world. 

This group meets monthly to deepen our understanding of the personalities, ourselves, and our relationships in the world. Every month is a different topic, and presenters vary. We always seek to have group interaction, as this keeps it interesting and fun. 

Over the years we have developed quite a following, and we usually have a minimum of 35 people in attendance. It has been wonderful in the last couple of years to see the influx of younger people and students, in addition to the professionals and retired folk we always see in attendance. It is our mission to bring empathy to the world through the insights we learn through study of the Enneagram, and it's a delight to have so many different kinds of people in attendance.