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The Abundant Life: Plus: Irash Satva Yoga, Human Potential, Belavaspata Healing of the Heart, Alchemy, Applied Mysticism, Astrology of the Hidden Planets, Sound Healing

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Almine reveals the many laws governing the flow of abundance into our lives, self manifesting, and self empowering.

This information will provide the mystical & alchemical tools to help flourish during this ascension and times of financial transition.

Learn about the Gates of Abundance in the human body and how to clear them of the debris of belief systems of lack.

Understand the practical application of the principle of leaving the cosmos in your debt - precipitating the cosmos to repay you with abundant provisions.

Learn how to redefine your life to embrace true abundance of intrinsic value, rather than the counterfeit standards of abundance of the world.

We will be having meetups in the near future on much of what is covered on the listed websites.

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