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Come gather with others to experience and explore holistic activities that promote wellness, personal growth, longevity, and joyful living. Body and Hearth has ongoing events like Reiki Circles, Sound Meditations, Shamanic Drumming, yoga, arts and crafts, wellness and empowerment classes, and so much more, that provide a moment of respite, connection, and balance to our busy lives.

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ESAC Achievement and Wellness Center


Saturday, July 27, 2019, 10 am to 6 pm, ESAC, $190 HEALING WITH SACRED SOUND WORKSHOP With Kate Casey Sound Healing uses vibration to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It affects us at a cellular level, promoting relaxation, breaking up energy blockages, and releasing lower frequencies. Sacred sound (Himalayan bowls, bells, and chimes) has been used since ancient times as a bridge to other worlds, an invocation to the Divine, and a method for deep healing. The vibration from these instruments provides a sublime, rejuvenating experience that is made even more powerful when teamed with massage, Reiki, and other holistic therapies. Explore the science of vibrational healing Experience the healing energy of Sacred Sound as you learn about chakras Discover the rich history of Himalayan instruments Learn sound healing techniques to energize, disperse, and balance energies Practice methods to incorporate Sacred Sound into your personal or professional practice. Instruments will be provided for your use during class. PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please contact [masked] or[masked] to reserve your space at ESAC ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center[masked]th Street, Suite 311 Sacramento, CA 95816


ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center

This Circle is open to all who are interested in Reiki and natural healing, those attuned to Reiki, or those who wish to give or receive a healing. For some, this is a beginning of a profound self-healing journey; for others, it is about deepening and mastering what they know; and for each of us, it is about educating, supporting community, humanity and the planet in global healing. Everyone is invited. Experience the magic of people coming together with unconditional love as they bring in Universal life force energy. Imagine a world filled with peace and unconditional love! The Living Reiki Circle is sacred, safe, and loving as we set personality and ego aside. This event is hosted by Kelly Lindquist and Steve Duroncelet, and is sponsored by Living Reiki. RSVP[masked] ( text or leave voicemail message). Light refreshments will be served. $20


ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center

Come be “bathed” in the transformational sound of Himalayan bowls, Tingshas , tuning forks, and Kate’s Synodic Moon Gong at this live healing concert. Set an intention, close your eyes, and relax as the vibrational healing of Sacred Sound and Kate’s voice reduces stress, breaks up energy blockages, and induces a deep sense of peace and joy. You may enjoy this meditation seated or lying down. Bring a mat, pillow, and/or blanket for your comfort, if desired. $20 After the meditation, explore the Body and Hearth Boutique for unique gifts and alchemical treasures for friends, family, your home, meditation or treatment space. Ask Kate about Feng Shui, Sound Healing, Rune Readings, and Marion Hakata about Reiki and Essential Oils. ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center[masked]th Street, Suite 311 Sacramento, CA 95816


ESAC Achievement and Wellness Center


DRUM & RHYTHM CIRCLE With Special Guest, Jerry Tamburino Jerry Tamburino has been a drummer for many years. He was born to drum – his name, Tamburino, literally means “little drummer” in Italian. Originally from New Jersey, he has lived and drummed in Pennsylvania, New York City, Virginia, and Oklahoma. He worked for many years helping people with disabilities to lead normal, productive lives in their community. Since becoming a Reiki Master he has focused his intent on developing a bridge between his love for the drum and healing energy practice. Over time he has learned how to use simple rhythmic meditations to open the body’s energy paths and connection to the divine. This allows for and promotes the natural healing process. He believes we are all born with an innate sense of rhythm and can build on this primal sense to achieve high levels of consciousness. Participants in Jerry’s Rhythm Healing Circle are encouraged to develop their rhythmic and astral abilities to their full potential. Please bring your instrument (drum, shaker, flute, rattle, cymbals, didgeridoo, etc.) or feel free to use one of the free instruments available at the circle. ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center[masked]th Street, Suite 311 Sacramento, CA 95816

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ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center


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