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Givers of Care, Our Monthly Meetup is Coming Up!
Are you overseeing or taking care of others in your family, community or neighborhood? Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed by the conflicting demands from your role as a working or employed daughter, son or friend caring for your parent, relative, longtime family friend, neighbor or spouse? Do you sometimes feel like you need more confidence and skills in how best to do this? Do you need more practical tips, information, skill demos, guidance or help but do not qualify for public support and don't also have adequate means to pay private providers for ongoing one-on-one guidance and help with your sick or aging relative? Do you feel left out of the available private and public support systems? Do you feel like you need to connect and interact more with people facing similar circumstances? Do you sometimes ask yourself who is taking care of you? Have you ever considered that by taking the time to take better care of yourself, you will have more to give? Do you ever wonder how others are doing it? You are not alone. Come meet, join, have fun, shape and benefit from the activities of this group with other wonderful, caring individuals. Looking forward to meeting you all, Rose, Organizer

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Who we are

We are a group of baby boomers, family members and working adults caring for elderly parents, sick or injured spouses, neighbors, friends and other loved ones. We want to succeed in this role while maintaining our own lives and wellness.

What we do

As givers of care, many of us need support but often do not qualify for publicly-funded support programs yet are not fortunate enough to afford private help, private care management services and guidance on an ongoing, private pay basis (out-of-pocket). Our goal is to get together, support each other and get affordable group-based support, advice and guidance. We'll meet in person once a month to exchange information, learn and practice critical skills, get our questions answered, hear from experts, see practical demos, share tips and ideas, discuss solutions to common and new challenges, share reviews, get advice on maintaining our own wellness and sanity, discuss any issues of concern, explore useful strategies, organize day trips, nights-out, movies, games, dinner … and anything else that looks like fun. We'll shape the agenda together and look forward to meeting you.

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