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No Limit Hold 'Em Third Thursday Poker Tournament
We meet the Third Thursday of every month at the Burbank Moose Lodge for a No Limit Hold 'Em Poker Tournament. Friendly buy-in (40) and even friendlier re-buys (20). Start with 6K in tournament chips. High Hand award. Player of the Year points. Other prizes & surprises. Start at 7:00 p.m., usually over by midnight. 1K EARLY ARRIVAL BONUS. Lodge located at 1901 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Exit Burbank Blvd. off 5 Freeway. You can RSVP for the next Third Thursday Poker Tournament by posting here or calling the Burbank Moose Lodge. Plenty of room and full bar available. Usually 4-5 tables. Top Ten (final table) rewarded.

Burbank Moose Lodge #652

1901 West Burbank Boulevard · Burbank, CA

What we're about

We meet the Third Thursday of every month at the Moose Lodge in Burbank for a No Limit Hold 'Em Poker Tournament. Friendly buy-in (40) and even friendlier rebuys (20). Start with $6K in tournament chips. High Hand award. Player of the Year points. Other prizes and surprises. Start at 7:00 p.m., usually over by midnight. Lodge located at 1901 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Exit Burbank Blvd. off 5 Fwy. U can RSVP for the next Third Thursday Poker Tournament* by posting here or calling the Burbank Moose Lodge.


RINGING IN THE SPRING - RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, March 19,2015


When the Final Table merged at ten players, Devious Debbie Fineberg, who was short-stacked, suggested adjusting the prize pool to pay a little more to the next three players out. Everyone agreed.

Then Debbie took over, earning her nickname. Doubling up, tripling up, busting opponents until she found herself heads-up with a player who presumably had the edge, since this player’s face-to-face encounters have resulted in 1st Place Trophies from every card casino in LA, plus heads-up victories over the likes of WSOP World Champions Huck Seed & Russ Hamilton.

It was the first day of NCAA March Madness, and a Cinderella upset would be in keeping with the order of the day. But to those who stayed late to witness the battle, including Debbie’s opponent, “upset” may not be the right word. “She outplayed me,” declared the Runner-up.

When a flop came with two Jacks and a rag, Debbie bet out strong. Her opponent figured she must have a third Jack and tossed his pocket nines. Debbie showed her pocket eights.

When a ten fell on another flop (pairing her opponent’s pocket ten), Debbie called a sizable bet and continued to call till an ace hit the river. Debbie bet out strong and her opponent folded. She showed 2-3 off—no pair, no draw, a stone cold bluff. “I figured you didn’t have an ace,” she said.

So where did this once nice, amiable person learn to play like a Ninja warrior? One veteran observer suggested an answer: “Here at the Lodge.”

Indeed, matching wits with the likes of the Silverlake Rounders and a variety of other storied competitors who have fondled the felt at Club 652 in the past five-plus years has undoubtedly made a major contribution to the creation of this female Frankenstein who, with the demise of her opponent once referred to as the Antlered Avenger, is now the Winner of the most recent Third Thursday Poker Tournament, held March 19, 2015 at Burbank Moose Lodge 652.

Rounding out the March TTPT Top Ten were co-host Hubeedoo in third place; followed by familiar final table finishers Bobby Diesel, Spike and Wiz; first-timer Rosie the Raider; Paul the Bully; last month’s winner Lady MJ and always tough Jennifer O. Jen also held quad tens to score High Hand Award for a free buy-in to next month’s Third Thursday event.

Fifty-four players competed. Record for TTPT field is 59 players.

The Joker Poker jackpot, worth a record 1,260 samolians, was won by Lucky Laurie Kanin.

Next TTPT is scheduled for April 16, 2015, the day after tax filing deadline. Poker action at the Burbank Moose Lodge can be followed at Burbank Poker Posse. You can join for FREE.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sporting his longest and luckiest pony tail to date, Fast Freddie Nelson engineered perhaps the most impressive comeback in Third Thursday Poker Tournament history!

Seven-handed and down to just a few chips, Freddie zigged and zagged, switching gears and masking fears, outlasting a field of forty-one and emerging as this month's Champion on Thursday, August 16, 2012.

Vicious Vito, Devious Debbie, Gentleman Jeff, Glenn "Crazy Man" Cozen, Dodge Dave, Steve the Master, Moose, Spike and Jeff "Take the Pot" Scott rounded out the Top Ten.

Spike Smith earned High Hand award with four aces.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, July 19, 2012


Former Moose Lodge Champion and current APA TOC Champion Bud the Wizard Wisinski scractched another notch in his poker resume on July 19, 2012, taking first place in the monthly Third Thursday Poker Tournament held at Burbank Moose Lodge 652.

With the 38-player field narrowed to the Top Ten final table, sophomore Jammin' Jennifer Irizarry, aka the Jackal, pounced on the opposition, ripping stacks apart and eliminating contenders, landing heads-up at midnight with the Wizard of Drawz.

In the final hand, Wiz took pocket fours (the bonus hand earlier in the night) against two overs (Q-6) and emerged unscathed.

2011 Player of the Year Vicious Vito Paoletta climbed back into this year's point race with an impressive 3rd place score; while current POY leader Darin' Karen Read finished 4th to increase her lead. (To view current POY standings, click on More above, then Files, then TTPT POY Standings.)

Bernie Bromberg, aka Flyer, piloted his stack to a personal best 5th place honors; followed by former TTPT winner Randy Reed (Chasers' Doom) and sophomore Sneaky Mike Chambers in 6th & 7th.

Cowboy Bob Kotecki managed another final table appearance at 8th, with Co-Host Richard "Hubeedoo" Huber 9th and Steve the Master Mastopietro 10th.

Johnny World Risso brought down the house with his 8-high straight flush (spades), good for High Hand and a future free buy-in.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sophomore Courtney "Cougar" Williams established himself as a name to be reckoned with in Third Thursday Poker competition as he took command of a final table stacked with feared veterans the likes of D Hat, Bagpipe Billy, Shovin' Cheryl, Spike, Bunny, Darin' Karen, Wiz and Trappin' Travis.

David Hatfield, April Runner-up, found himself in the same position with Courtney. Just as in April, D Hat's heads-up shootout lasted one hand. David peeked K-J, made a small raise, hoping the aggressive Cougar would move in, and Court obliged...with A-J! Cougar's Ace held up and once again Hat had to settle for second best. Sophomore Derek Dale, aka DNX, finished tenth to round out the final table.

Thirty-four players, including back-in-action Len the Cat Kalcheim, battled in the June, 2012 version of Third Thursday Poker Tournaments at Burbank Moose Lodge 652. Mid-point Player of the Year standings show the field tightening, with Karen expanding her lead to 215, 35 points ahead of Moose in 2nd with 180; followed by Spike (159), Cowboy Bob (143), Bunny (122), Allinda (113), D Hat (112), Gentleman Jeff (108), and Bagpipe Billy (102).

For a complete list of POY standings, click on More, then Files, then TTPT POY STANDINGS.

So far it's been a kinder, gentler year for 2011 Player of the Year Vicious Vito (89) who blames his slippage on the cards--not the hands, but the paper Bicycle cards. Thinks he'd play better with plastic cards; which, of course, is why we continue to play TTPT with Bicycle cards manufactured in Moose's home town of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cowboy Bob Kotecki's Cowboys-full-of-eights full house was good for High Hand, earning Bronco Bob a free future TTPT buy-in.

(To view photos, click on Photos above.)

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, May 17, 2012


Newcomer Poison Ivy Vasquez scratched her way to a heads-up battle at the Third Thursday Poker Tournament held May 17, 2012, at the Moose Lodge in Burbank; but veteran Linda "Allinda" Meyers found the antidote, churning pocket eights into a full house to beat Ivy's two pair on the final hand.

Darin' Karen Read nailed an impressive 3rd place finish to move ahead in the POY points race. Alas, it was not to be for Hamlet Salizar, who lead the 50-player field when the final table merged, but had to settle for 4th place, ahead of Bagpipe Billy, Host Moose, Steve the Master Mastopietro, Cowboy Bob Kotecki, Action Alex and Avenging Angel to round out the Top Ten, all of whom were rewarded.

Stan "Spike" Smith hit a Royal Flush in clubs to score High Hand award, good for a future TTPT buy-in.

Top Five Player of the Year point leaders are: Karen (182), Moose (178), Cowboy Bob (141), Spike (122) and Allinda (111). For a complete list of POY standings, click on MORE above, then click on FILES, then TTPT POY STANDINGS.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, April 19, 2012


Five tables, forty-six tough players! Heads up, it was a tale of two Daves. Dodger Dave Richard with 750K and David Hatfield with 330K.

With blinds at 20K-40K, the Dance of the Daves lasted one hand! Both shoved pre-flop, Dave R with Q-7 (his favorite internet hand) and D Hat with A-6, all diamonds. Two diamonds fell on the flop, severely narrowing the outs for the guy who's been to every Dodger game this year. If NLH were a six-card game, the Silverlake Rounders Host would be the latest Third Thursday Champ! But a river 7 gave the dude with two first names the glory and the grand!

Gentleman Jeff Gorsuch, last month's runner-up, finished 3rd; and Jay Moriarty snagged 4th, boosting Host Moose into POY lead with 127 points. Rounding out the Top Ten final table posse were longtime co-host Michigan Matt Troyer and buddy Philly Jo Wilcox, newbie Jack Beckwith, Cowboy Bob Kotecki, Action Alex Rivera and Bunny "The Babe" Bashaar.

Angel Acosta's quad sailboats stayed afloat for High Hand and a future free buy-in.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, March 15, 2012


Like a surgeon--but not for the very first time--Darin' Karen Read meticulously removed anything standing between her and the title of Winner at the recent Third Thursday Poker Tournament.

Karen's big pairs held up and she made all the right moves, surviving a bumpy heads-up hour-plus back-and-forth battle with fellow Burbank resident Gentleman Jeff Gorsuch. Rounding out the Top Ten, all of whom were rewarded, were new POY point leader Stan "Spike" Smith, Joker Jim Davis, Travis "Tiger" Burns, Hubeedoo Huber, Host Moose, Fast Freddie Nelson, Al "Bernie's Pal" Strauss and Dodger Dave Richard.

Hubee's quad queens quieted Vicious Vito's aces-full boat, holding up for High Hand of the night and earning a free future buy-in.

For a complete list of current Player of the Year standings, click on MORE above, then click on FILES and then click on TTPT POY STANDINGS.

Click on PHOTOS (above) to see photos from this event and others.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jim "Solid" Gould proved he was the real thing, scoring his first victory and second final table appearance in two tries. Veteran Kiambu "Boo" Fisher haunted the final table with a daunting chip stack, but had to settle for a strong runner-up performance.

When the field of 49 merged to form the final table (Top Ten), Boo and Uschi were driving the train with 200K each, followed by Spike (180K), Vicious Vito (170K), Larry "Eyes" Izenberg (145K), Gould (95K), Bunny, Moose, rookie Cunning Carlos Sanchez (90K each), and Ranger Raul Madrid in the caboose (55K).

After Raul jumped the track, narrowing the hopefuls to nine, Uschi raised before the flop, Moose moved in and Jimmy G (Gould) shoved from behind. Uschi showed A-10 while Moose and Jimmy each turned up pocket kings, helping themselves to a chunk of Uschi's stack when the board blanked.

On the very next hand, Moose again shoved and Eyes called with pocket rockets. Both players had the exact same amount (145K), but Moose held A-Q. Eyes doubled up and Moose was relegated to hosting duty.

Jimmy Solid and Uber Uschi then marched their troops to the middle when Uschi held pocket sixes and Jimmy flipped up A-K. An ace on the river sent Uschi to the showers and provided an omen of things to come for the Goulden Guy.

Blinds now at 20-40K, Bunny hit the trail when Jimmy's pocket nine balls busted her A-8 suited. With six players remaining, Carlos liked his pocket threes; but Eyes peeked pocket queens, using Siegfried and Roy to tame his opponent's crabs.

Spike risked it all with J-Q of spades and Boo called with two spades of his own, A-8. A top on the flop (ace) popped Spike's dream, leaving Feb's Final Four. Boo and Eyes had the chip advantage, but, as veterans know, 2011 Player of the Year Vito can never be counted out.

Fighting for scraps, Vito shoved with A-3 off and Solid called with 2-4 off. A four on the turn shaved Vito's stack to the felt, leaving this month's Third Thursday Trio. With blinds at 30K-60K, a chip count showed Boo with over 500K, Larry Eyes with 310K and Jimmy the Kid with 290K.

It was turtle time for Boo, withdrawing into his shell, allowing young 'uns Larry and Jimmy to battle for the blinds.

When the blinds jumped to 40-80K, Boo attempted to tarnish Gould for good, calling Jim's all-in bet with 9-4 suited. Jim's 10-4 suited wasn't much better. But if a guy from Texas can win two world titles with 10-2, why can't a well-coiffed dude from LA knock off a Third Thursday Tournament at the Moose Lodge with 10-4?

A four fell on the flop and Jimmy's ten kicked, doubling him thru Boo. Chess Master Gould then used A-9 to all but destroy Larry's A-3 when a 9 came on the turn, leaving Eyes with pinkeye (one pink 20K chip).

But Larry wasn't through yet. He had put on a stellar display of disciplined poker throughout the night, and Eyes wasn't about to just fade from view. Larry caught pocket fives twice and used them to double through Gould first, then Boo, acquiring a total of 6 pink chips (120K). Eyes peeked A-4 then shoved, but blinked when he saw Solid's pocket nines. A third nine fell on the flop, destroying Eyes' vision of sugar plums to come. Jimmy had put Eyes out.

Now heads up, Jimmy had a 2-1 lead over Boo (880 to 440K). It appeared over when Boo's 5-6 matched Solid's A-9. The flop came 8-10-6 with a 7 on the turn, giving Jimmy a straight. But a 9 on the river put a straight on board and the opponents tied!

Jim picked up another ace, this time with a 3 kicker; and Boo once again put his faith and his future in 5-6 off. This time the board came 10-J-7-9-9 and Solid's ace was good for all the gold!

Impressive back-to-back showings by Uschi, Spike and Boo, all of whom finished at the final table in the previous month's (January, 2012) TTPT.

Fast Freddie Nelson's quad deuces held up for High Hand and a free future buy-in.

POY point standings show Boo out front with 93, followed by Spike (79), Solid Gould (75), Uschi (71), Hubeedoo (60), Eyes (58), Vito (57), Cunning Carlos (50) to form the current Elite Eight.

For a COMPLETE LIST of current PLAYER OF THE YEAR standings, click on MORE above (TOP, UNDER BURBANK POKER POSSE), click on FILES, then click on TTPT POY STANDINGS.

RESULTS of the Moose Appreciation Tournament held Saturday, January 28, 2012


It was the Moose Appreciation Poker Tournament and no one appreciated it more than Moose, who gets his name engraved on the Lodge trophy for the first time since donating it four years ago!

A select group of 24 players competed in the event, which culminated in a tough shootout between Jay "Moose " Moriarty and Phillip "Jackman" Brown. Following a spaghetti luncheon, cards were in the air at 1:30 p.m.

With both re-buys and add-ons permitted, when the field was narrowed to the Final Nine at 8:15, there was close to one million in tournament chips on the table.

Dwindling stacks and rising blinds soon cut the remaining field in half, while Moose began moving chips and collecting ammo, emerging as chip leader by 9:00 p.m.

Angela Whang had to settle for 9th place and Last Woman Standing; soon joined on the rail by Adam "The Cobra" Hirsh, who dropped his markers but picked up a new nickname. Nothing new about Dodger Dave, Boo, Joker Jim or John Romano's impressive finishes in the next four spots.

Three-handed, as blinds continued to climb, the lead switched back and forth among Moose, Jackman and Stan "Spike" Smith.

With 20K-40K blinds, Spike peeked 10-J and decided to muscle some blinds or chance a double up. Moose called with A-10, and a ten on the flop sent Mr. Smith to Washington (Blvd.).

Heads up chip count showed Moose with a narrow lead--530K to Jackman's 450K. On the very first heads-up hand, the renowned Mr. Brown slow-played pocket kings, and Mr. Moose realized he was about to enter a mine field.

At 40K-80K blinds, Moose moved in on the button (small blind) and Pensive Phil went into the tank. Jay had dropped but regained a slight chip advantage, 550K to 420K. Holding K-10 off, Moose wasn't sure if he wanted Jackman to call. Jackman studied his hand and his opponent's face for what seemed like an hour and a half, then slid his chips to the center and turned up J-Q. No help came on the board, and Moose's king was crowned!

Next Third Thursday Tournament is actually scheduled for the fourth Thursday, February 23, 2012.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, January 19, 2012


Richard "Hubeedoo" Huber's poker skills were on display at the first Third Thursday Poker Tournament of 2012, outlasting a field of 33 players, still standing when the smoke cleared after a shootout with runner-up Robert "Cowboy" Kotecki.

Heads up, Cowboy was in front, having ambushed his way through a final table of ten tough opponents, all of whom were rewarded for their efforts. (Wounded with six players left, Cowboy found pocket Jacks and managed to double through Randy Reed (A-3), leaving Randy with just one green (5K) chip, and allowing Cowboy to reload his revolver.)

When the final hand came, Hubeedoo held a slight lead over Robert--270K to 250K. Cowboy held A-9 suited and Hubee peeked J-K off. All ammo went to the middle pre-flop, which came J-8-3 rainbow, giving Richard top pair. The board completed with 10-8, knocking Kotecki from the saddle and serving Hubee with his first Third Thursday win!

Shovin' Cheryl Harmon earned 3rd, followed by Chicago Dan Kaemon, last month's winner; and Randy "Chasers' Doom" Reed, former TTPT winner, still rushing from his recent cash in Vegas at the The 3rd Annual Moose International event.

Karen Read turned the page, scoring a personal best 6th place; followed by poker legend Linda "Allinda" Meyers, the very first Third Thursday winner (January 2011). Kiambu "Boo" Campbell secured 8th spot with always tough Stan "Spike" Smith in 9th and newlywed Uschi McCoy 10th.

Boo walked off with High Hand of the night, Aces full of sixes, lowest High Hand since TTPT began.

Eight players applied for Moose Membership last night, making them official members of Poker Club 652 at the Burbank Moose Lodge. A record number of 9 out of 10 players at the final table were Moose Members.

Hubeedo leads 2012 Player of the Year standings with 59 points, followed by Cowboy Bob with 48, Shovin' Cheryl - 42, Chicago Dan - 39, Chasers's Doom - 36, Karen - 34, Allinda - 32, Boo - 30, Spike - 28 and Uschi - 26. (All players receive 2 points for playing. Top Ten (final table) receive additional points.)

Top two POY point leaders of 2012 will receive entries (Hotel plus Buy-ins) to the 2013 Moose International No Limit Hold 'em Tournament in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget next January.

Next Third Thursday tournament is actually scheduled for the Fourth Thursday of next month, February 23, 2012.

Moose Appreciation Poker Tournament, for Moose Members and 2011 TTPT players with 30 or more points, is scheduled for next Saturday, Janurary 28, 2012. See "Featured Event" details on this site.

RESULTS of TTPT held Thursday, December 15, 2011


TOP TEN: Chicago Dan Kaemon, Lenny "Stiletto" Benedetto, Dave Richard, Debbie Feinberg, Randy Reed, PhillyJo Wilcox, Richard Huber, Spike Smith, David Gallegos and TTPT Co-host Michigan Matt Troyer.

Dave Richard knocked off High Hand award with quad sixes.

34 players competed in this ChristMoose-themed event.

Toy Drive big success!

Vito Paoletta seals 2011 Player of the Year Award!

RESULTS of TTPT/MLPC held November 19, 2011


Heads up at the Moose Lodge Poker Championship, it was two feisty but friendly femmes slugging it out for the 2011 MLPC title and trophy.

Six-handed, Big Hand Joanne Burns went on a tear, using huggable holdings like A-10, A-K, A-J to cull the competition to four. With a prayer and a chair, first-timer Stacee Evans shoved with 7-8 and was called by Joanne's pocket aces. The poker gods were listening and Stacee was rewarded with a straight, doubling her stack and switching the Mo.

Drawn but pumped when the final card fell, both warriors had big smiles; but only one (Stacee) had a big stack and the right to call herself Champ!

Rounding out the final table in the 44-player field were Silverlake Rounder Rivals Phillip "Jackman" Brown & Adam "Flea" Hirsh; first-timers Brad Vuong & Chess Master Jim Gould; Scary Boo Fisher, Pamela Rich, Host Moose and Stu "On Fire" Maguire, all of whom were rewarded.

Slick Rick Socorzano put together a royal flush in spades to capture High Hand and a free buy-in to a future tourney.

Bounties were collected on former MLPC Champs Bud "The Wizard of Drawz" Wisinski and Dr. Zip. Play began at 3:00 p.m. and lasted till 2:00 a.m. Gobblefest Turkey Dinner provided fuel for all participants.

Double POY points were awarded. Next (and final) chance for 2011 POY points will be Thursday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m. Check home page for details.

POY Leaders: Vito-327 Moose-248 Just John-156 Raisin' Ron- 156 Stu-150 Stacee-140

RESULTS of Third Thursday Tourney held October 20, 2011


After nine tries and numerous final table finishes, Vicious Vito Paoletta managed to snag his first TTPT win, completing a long-stated goal of winning his Moose Membership. Veteran Stan "Spike" Smith gave Vito a solid scare before settling for second. (Click on Photos above)

Beneath a rasta cap complete with hanging dreadlocks and behind a nametag reading "Rasta Pasta," Vito weaved through a formidable field of 46 at the Third Thursday Halloween event, arriving at the final table with his usual seamless consistency, almost enough to make you think poker is a game of skill.

New to TTPT but obviously not to poker, Steve "The Master" Mastopietro finished third; followed by Moose Member, former TTPT winner and Silverlake Rounder co-host David Buik in fourth. Sophomore Fearless Francis Ten was fifth. First-timer Darin' Aaron Cappocchi, veteran Leslie "Bunny" Bashaar, Moose Member and SLR host David Hatfield, former MLPC Champ Bud "The Wizard of Drawz" Wisinski and newbie Arthur "No Tears" Tiersky rounded out the Top Ten, all of whom were rewarded.

Snake Spezzano's 5-high straight flush held up for High Hand Award.

Next Tournament: Saturday (this month only), November 19, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. Check home page for details.

TTPT Player of the Year Standings (Updated October 20, 2011)

Top Ten (POY Leaders)

Vito - 323 Moose - 170 Raisin' Ron - 152 Just John - 152 Allinda - 125 Spike - 121 D Buik - 121 Anh Phan - 117 Wiz - 108 Stradi - 107

RESULTS of Third Thursday Tourney held September 15, 2011


When the dust cleared, two first-timers were left huddled with all the chips. Aaron Ho, known to his poker-playing college buddies as "Triple A" (Aaron the Asian Assassin), had a better than 4-1 lead on Steven "The Snake" Spezzano.

At quarter past midnight, blinds at 20,000-40,000, all ammo went to the middle with Aaron showing A-10 while Snake turned up 2-4 suited. A sailboat on the river kept Steven alive; and it appeared Snake could be coiled for a comeback at the Third Thursday Poker Tournament, held September 15, 2011, at the Burbank Moose Lodge.

But alas Triple A and his chip lead proved too great to overcome. At 12:22, ahead 640,000 to 350,000, the Assassin employed 9h-10h to destroy Snake's K-8 when a 9 hit the board, besting a field of 52 tough players in this NLH competition.

Finishing third was veteran Vito Paoletta, becoming first to pass the 200 point mark in the TTPT Player of the Year race. The Godfather of Gaming avoided elimination by taking K-4-off against Host Jay "M"oose Moriarty's K-7-off when two fours popped on the flop, giving Vito a flotilla of fours and forcing Moose to settle for 5th place.

Allinda Meyers, winner of the very first TTPT, notched another strong performance, snagging 4th place honors. Allinda's demise came when she took A-5 vs. Aaron's pocket fours and once again the sailboats stayed afloat.

Rounding out the Top Ten were Slippery Scott MacConnell, Punk Provost, Ahn (pronounced Awn) Phan, Bud "The Wizard of Draws" Wisinski and Just John (pronounced Jawn) Clark.

David "The Turtle" Gallegos' straight flush to the 8 was good for High Hand award. Vito scored a pair of poker sunglasses by becoming the first player to win (in the ninth month) a hand with pocket nines. The 6-5-2 hand went unclaimed for the night. WSOP dealer Susan Edwards once again dealt the Final Table.

Next Monthly Tournament: *Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Halloween Event - Wear a Mask, receive 500 Bonus Chip / Prizes for Best Mask/Costume

BIG FIELD, BIG PAYOUT, small buy-in.

Side Game action for players who go out of tournament.

TTPT Player of the Year Standings (updated September 16, 2011)

Fabulous Fourteen (POY Leaders)

Vito - 251 Moose - 168 Just John - 150 Raisin' Ron - 150 Allinda - 123 Anh - 115 Stradi - 105 Randy - 104 Angela - 98 Puma - 88 Joker Jim - 82 Triple A - 78 Bagpipe Billy - 77 Stu - 76 Lenny B. - 75

RESULTS of Third Thursday Tourney held August 18, 2011


With three players left, Raisin' Ron Saxe, true to his handle, shoved all in before the flop with 7-8 and sophomore Sneaky Stephanie Kelleher made a bold call with J-10 for all her chips . The flop came 4-5-6 and the record 59-player field was narrowed to two.

With blinds at 20k-40k, Ron (K-J) and first-timer Stu "On Fire" Macguire (A-6) marched their troops to the center. A jack on the flop and another on the turn gave RR all the ammo he needed to take down his first TTPT title plus a Moose Memberhship. It was Raisin' Ron's second Final Table finish in his last two outings, finishing a strong third last month.

Ron vaults into 2nd place in the POY standings (150 points), with Vito "The Godfather" Paoletta still in front at 190.

Lucky Lenny, aka Stiletto Benedetto, turned in an impressive 4th place finish, followed by former Big Guns Champ Crafty Karl Risinger, Moose Member Big Wave Dave Richard, Susan "Dealer Girl" Edwards, Kevin "Destroyer" Deitch, John Romano a mano, and Richard "Hubeedoo" Huber to round out the Final Table.

Kiambu Fisher's quad cuties held up for High Hand, earning Boo a free buy-in at an upcoming TTPT event. It was the second month in a row that four queens ruled as top hand.

First eight players out received souvenir Sahara shot glasses provided by Moose Member and former TTPT winner Randy "Chaser's Doom" Reed.

Next Monthly Tournament event: * Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 7:00p.m.

BIG FIELD, BIG PAYOUT, small buy-in.

Side Game action for players who go out of tournament.

TTPT Player of the Year Standings (updated August 27, 2011)

Elite Eleven

Vito - 190 Raisn' Ron - 150 Moose - 113 Just John - 105 Stradi - 103 Chaser's Doom - 102 Angela - 98 Puma - 86 Joker Jim - 82 Destroyer Deitch - 75 Bagpipe Billy - 75

Members (542)

Photos (29)