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WEST LOS ANGELES FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP 2017 EVERY WEDNESDAY 7PM - 10PM Introducing a new therapy from Germany 3255 COLBY AVE Los Angeles,CA 90066 [masked] [masked] At my home office ( Barrington & National and the 405) Cost: $25 to participate Guaranteed Constellation: $150 FIRST TIME IS FREE TO NEW PEOPLE & ALWAYS FREE TO THOSE WITH LIMITED FUNDS If you would like to book a group or private Constellation please contact me at[masked] or [masked] JOIN AND RSVP PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7PM For more information please visit my website at First time participants are free. Please try to be on time as it is very disruptive to the circle to arrive late. If you are running late please call or text Hazel at [masked]. NEWS Do you ever wonder why you still feel stuck even though you have done years of therapy and personal work. Constellation work turns the light on and shows you what is hiding in your subconscious and energy field that is unknown or forgotten by you. Some of the unresolved trauma in your field can be coming from ancestors, past lives, prenatal, early childhood and adult trauma. We know from quantum physics that just by observing something we are already changing it. Constellation work does more than that. You can resolve trauma and update your field to 2015 present time. You can correct data and information stored in your field and brain with new memory and information and reconsolidate memory that will go back into your long term memory and the brain permanently changed forever. Constellation work is a somatic trauma resolution that includes all of your bodies, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It involves your brain and autonomic nervous system and all of the time space of your souls journey. Constellation work reveals that there is no box, no limitations and complete expansiveness and integration is available to all of us. By trusting the morphogenetic field we can heal and evolve and connect to our inner light and authentic core selves. Exploring our own healing process from traumatic stress now has greater evidence as having a deleterious affect not only on ourselves and those who are affected by us, but in addition, the possibility of effecting many generations forward. Fields of study like Energy Psychology , Epigenetics, Family Constellation Work, Brainspotting, Somatic Trauma Resolution and perhaps any trauma-healing modality, now have substantial research that supports the long-lasting potential effect of efforts in affecting and healing multi-generational trauma. There is a lot of published research that substantiates how outside environmental events can permanently imprint the information carrying genome and affect the programming of a body's response to future events. Constellation Work projects our inner world into three-dimensional space so that we can resolve the imprint that we are carrying and free us from the trauma and pain of our Ancestors. Remember our parents are our ancestors because they came before us. ARTICLE ON RESEARCH 1. Epigenetic Inheritance of Disease and Disease Risk; Johannes Bohacek1 and Isabelle M Mansuy1 Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews (2013) 38,[masked]; doi:[masked]/npp[masked]; published online 11 July 2012 Link to original paper: There are several universal manifestations of survival terror and grief which underlie most diagnoses, behaviors and relationship issues. 1. I am going to die 2. I do not exist 3. I am a failure as a human being 4. Mom/Dad does not love me These may be inherited or start in-utero or in the first year of life and continue to reenact throughout our life experiences. These are the body memories and beliefs that many people avoid feeling at all costs year after year. These messages/beliefs threaten one's safety, and the nervous system freezes the memories into capsules that hold these pre-natal, pre-verbal, generational memories in the amygdala part of the brain. Constellation work enables these implicit/subcortical memories that create the beliefs and behaviors, to move into explicit memory and the neo-cortex part of the brain to be processed and loose their power. Moved from inside to outside and be forever changed. RED FLAG LIST Physical abuse Sexual abuse Neglect Domestic violence Adoption Addiction in parents Mental illness in parents Raised by Grandparents Little or no childhood memories My childhood was "perfect" Eating disorders Depression Bipolar diagnosis Borderline Diagnosis Sleep problems not responding to sleep meds Amnesia for specific timelines Environmental issues (immigration, war, poverty, persecution in their own country) Cult Association Successive care givers/foster care Chronic pain/unexplained medical conditions Medical conditions that do not respond to treatment Fibromyalgia Crohn's Disease Unexplained rashes and skin disorders Migranes Bronchitis/Asthma Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self- destructive behaviors Quadruple car accidents and concussions and broken bones Alopecia Numbed out and feeling stuck Generational Attachment and relational issues Suicide or death of a loved one Long term illness of a loved one HOW WE AVOID FEELING OUR UNPROCESSED PAIN Addictions: sleep, sex, shopping, diet, exercise, computer, video games and more. Binge eating Suicidal Self-harm Violence Dissociation Distraction Obsession Compulsion Fantasy Rage Disconnect and Dissociation WHAT WE ARE AVOIDING Shame - Worthlessness - Fear/Terror - Grief/loss- Loneliness/Isolation - Neediness - Pain - Anger - Anxiety - Horror - Shock - Despair - Hopelessness - Vulnerability - Confusion -Regret HOW CONSTELLATIONS HEAL Because of the constellation groups autonomic nervous system and loving group holding field, constellation therapy can rewire the brain and build new neural networks to compete with the old ones. The new experience of support, love and compassion after and during the constellation , will get put back into long term memory in the brain within a few hours of the memory being retrieved, permanently changing the old data that was stored in the brain. This is called memory reconsolidation in neuroscience. You will still have the memory but it will loose its potency and ability to keep you stuck and charged emotionally, mentally and physically. You no longer need to be affected by the past and can flow more freely into your personal destiny and live your own beautiful life experience unencumbered by your personal and ancestral history. Constellation Therapy along with the other brain/body/mind based therapies that I use like Brain Spotting, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Bi-Lateral Brain Therapy, CRM, Rapid Resolution Therapy, EFT, Attachment Based EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Code, Rewind Therapy and DARe all work together in Synthisis to move you forward and change your perceived identity and enhance a joyful life experience. . Love Hazel The past and the future is not existing. All power is in the present. If you think about the problem as existing in the past and the future, then you can't touch it. About Hazel Williams-Carter and the Constellation Workshop Hazel Hazel Williams -Carter has lead groups and trained in constellation work for over 13 years. She is excited to share with you the new approach to the work and all the new creativity flowing in the field. She is a Traumacologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist using Rapid Resolution Therapy and is trained in Somatic Trauma /PTSD resolution and attachment, bonding and repatterning work and Brainspotting. Her background is in shamanism and vibrational medicine and other energy psychologies. She has added her own unique flavor to the Constellation field. Hazel also has had a private practice for the last 25 years where she uses Constellation Work as well as EMDR , EFT, Rewind Therapy, N.V.C.,S.A.T.E / D.A.R.E., Somatic Trauma Resolution, Emotional Code, CRM, Mindfullness and many other healing modalities and energy psychologies. Please bring any issue you want to work on. It can be physical, emotional or mental. We can work on relationships, finance, jobs, mental & physical health and childhood trauma /PTSD etc. The Constellation field is also a good place to set up something that you are trying to create in your life that is stuck for you. Healing of old traumas and pain or life experiences where we disconnected from life and joy can be worked on including Birth trauma and multi - dimensional trauma. Please know that your issue can also be kept private from the group if you would rather work that way. Using the power of the group field the work can go very deep. We set up a safe holding field to work in and because of my training in trauma work and attachment work we will be held in a loving container for healing. For more information please visit my website:[masked] [masked] love Hazel

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Hazel was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to the USA in her early 20’s. She now resides in West Los Angeles where she has a private practice specializing in treating the root causes of trauma, early childhood attachment wounds, anxiety, depression, transgenerational trauma and the development of spiritual consciousness and empowerment.

Her education experience provides her with more than twenty healing modalities to assist clients. Hazel has trained with the top medical professionals, neuroscientists and specialists in the field of trauma and attachment repair.

Hazel has led groups and trained in constellation work for more than 13 years and is certified by The Hellinger Institute and Francesca Mason Boring. She has also attended workshops in Germany with the founding teachers of Constellation Work. In her practice Hazel offers Organic Constellations which contribute her unique style to the constellation field.

Hazel is a Traumacologist and founder of The Healing Trauma Center which offers Clinical Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy.She is also trained in Somatic Trauma Resolution and attachment, bonding and re-patterning work. Hazel is certified in Brainspotting and Bi-Lateral Stimulation Therapy, Comprehensive Resource Model CRM), Rewind Therapy, Dynamic Attachment and Re-patterning Experience (DARe), Non Violent Communication (NVC), Emotional Code, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Soul Memory Discovery.

Hazel has been a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher dedicated to the Shamanic path for over 25 years.She has trained and experienced initiations with Shamans in the Celtic, Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, Hawaiian and Tibetan Bon traditions as well as a 3 year training with The Foundation For Shamanic Studies.

Hazel completed a two year training in vibrational medicine with Tama Do Academy, where she learned Sound Therapy, Color light Therapy and Chi Therapies. She also uses Bush Flower Essences and Perelandra Flower Essences and Gem Waters plus many other healing modalities and energy psychologies.

Hazel has been a student and teacher of The Ancient Wisdom for over 20 years and integrates science and spirituality in her personal daily practice and in her service to humanity. She continues to keep abreast with the latest research in Brain Science and Trauma Resolution and she shares her wisdom and compassion in her weekly groups and trainings.

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