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Do you assume that if you don't see ghosts in your bedroom who help you solve murder cases, or get the exact names of people who have passed on, that you don't have psychic abilities? Psychic sensing is often more subtle than what is portrayed in the media and TV and movies. There are four psychic centers available to us where we intuitively receive information. We usually access one more strongly than the others. The for psychic centers are: • Clairsentience (bodily sensation) • Clairaudience (inner hearing) • Clairvoyance (inner or outer vision • Prophetic (a “knowing” through thought) By learning the four types of psychic reception and where they are located on the body, we can discover our psychic strengths. The class will include exercises that will help you explore how you receive psychic information, and to verify that we are all psychic. There will be a one hour break for lunch. $95 payable in Advance. Paypal available on the website: www.lightaidjw.com Call 707-665-5975 for an address to send checks. Julie White has been a professional psychic for 30 years, and teaches monthly classes on psychic development, besides doing individual readings.

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