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MaitriBodh Parivaar, is a family formed with the grace and guidance of Dadashreeji, a Living Master, a genuine guide and true friend in today’s times.

Dadashreeji…..An Incarnate of Love
and Direct Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.
A zest for life, nobility and an expression of wisdom much beyond his years qualifies Dadashreeji as a Life Guide and Mentor par excellence. A qualified Medical Doctor by profession, he has now completely devoted his Life in service to Humanity. His deep understanding of life and beyond is not drawn from books or scriptures but originates from within. For more than last 10 years he has been impacting the lives of those around with his very simple living, humble qualities and most important is `the experience` that every person receives in his presence. An inspiring leader, a profound Master and a source of free flowing boundless energy, Dadashreeji is an intriguing blend of ancient wisdom and modern insight, who has guided thousands of people on how to live life powerfully, with clarity and energetic flow for both practical and spiritual seekers. He has successfully combined the best of spiritual thought with the concepts and practice of modern management and developed successful practical applications.

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