Price: $1.00 /per person
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Mr D's has been a traditional NSB monthly meetup for quite some time now. Let's continue going to this regular event as the vast majority of the motorcycle patrons have come to accept us. Come and enjoy the experience of meeting fellow "riders" of all sizes and types of bikes.

When you get thereyou can mingle amongst the hogs, crotch rockets, and other motorcycles that are there.They have music playing inside so wander inside and enjoy yourself. There is also a wet t-shirt contest at 10:30pm if they have enough girls to participate.

If you have not paid your annual dues, please bring $1.00 for this meetup.

Be sure to look for the FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, etc. The food tends to go fast , don't be shy about helping yourself to this free offering!

This venue does serve alcohol so please drink responsibly! Be sure to dress warmly as this isn't the warmest time of year .

REMEMBER: by scooter or by car no meetup too far!!


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