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Our Meetup group's purpose is to provide education on the subject of hypnosis as well as learning how to utilize self hypnosis for positive change. I have had the privilege in my private practice for approx. 13 years now, to help clients reach important healing goals. Now, I would love to reach out to more women in a group setting ; teaching and helping them to transform their lives through the healing modality of self hypnosis. For in doing so, one connects to her power, purpose and passion.

In each class there will be a brief lecture period explaining how hypnosis works by changing attitudes, beliefs, habits and perceptions. When we go within during self hypnosis, we are accessing the subconscious mind and guiding it to remove blocks thus beginning to build upon beautiful resources , strengths, and capabilities that were within all long. After clearing up any questions/concerns, I will guide our group in (2) healing guided/hypnosis meditations. I will also teach (3) powerful , quick stress busting techniques that can be used at any time. We will learn how to go into self hypnosis and how to write your own suggestions. Included in the class fee are handouts to take home, a "Self Hypnosis" Cd to take home and also bottled water and snacks are provided :-)

I am planning to offer the Self Hypnosis class each month. Also , as it is important to me to provide individual attention, there will be a class limit of 10 participants.

Though we will be Healing and Learning , my intention is also for it to fun and enjoyable too :-)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/ concerns ( mary@womenstherapeutic.com) and please visit my website: http://www.womenstherapeutic.com for a free 'stress reduction" download.

With Many Thanks ,

Dr. Mary Sidhwani

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