Git for Excel


NOTE: if your meetup name does not show your full first and and last name, you will need to send it to me via private message as you won't be able to enter the Microsoft building otherwise.

Hi all, I am very pleased to announce the 2nd xlwings meetup! If you want to give a talk (short or long), please let me know so I can put you on the agenda (again, it can be anything mildly exciting about Excel).


Talk 1) Git for Excel (Felix Zumstein, Creator of xlwings)

When dealing with critical Excel workbooks, you want to have proper source control in place. Felix will present the different challenges we face when using Git with Excel files and how we can solve them by using the right mix of settings, extensions and Git workflow.

Following topics and techniques will be discussed:

* Viewing diffs (sheets and VBA code)
* Open source Git extensions: Git LFS (Large File Storage) and Git XL
* Merge conflict handling
* Single and multi branch Git workflows

Talk 2) THIS COULD BE YOU :) get in touch if you want to present something