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XRVienna (former VRVienna) is a community of XR (VR/AR) professionals whose mission is to connect Austrian XR creators with XR users, and with one another. It also provides a channel of communication for local XR projects, as well as a safe, cozy, and friendly space in which users can experience XR for the first time.
Unlike other XR Meetups (more focused on the networking/startup aspect of these technologies), XRVienna focuses in the interaction between users and creators, both working together in the creation of awareness and quality standards of XR technologies via direct feedback and testing, thus reaching a deeper understanding of what is possible now and what could/would be possible in the future.

Each event strives on creating an environment of equality, respect, and humility amongst participants, always highlighting the positive aspects of each project and working together in the areas that need improvement. At XRVienna there’s no superstar or rookie. Everyone has a chance to teach and learn, kicking out any unnecessary ego and shame.

XRVienna cooperates with a wide variety of Austrian and EU XR independent creators and production companies, as well as university students, Ph.D. researchers, and also enthusiasts who are not directly related to the creation of VR/AR experiences but wish to combine their knowledge with the use of this medium. XRVienna events are powered by XR content production company vrisch (http://www.vrisch.com) and audiovisual art agency sound:frame (http://www.soundframe.at), together with a solid network of sponsors and collaborators.

XRVienna is:

• Gabs Chihan Stanley: Founder, Organizer, and Corporate/Business Projects Curator

• Eva Fischer: Co-founder/ Organizer/ Arts, Culture, and Science Projects Curator

• Axel Dietrich: Co-founder, Organizer/ Head of Tech & Innovation

• Andrey Yakunin: Organizer/ Head of Partnerships

• Birgit Mayrhofer: Head of Social Media/ Facebook Queen / Event Organizer

• Jezeli Salazar: Social Media & Community Manager/ Instagram Queen/ Event Organizer

• Rafael Santa Cruz: Social Media & Community Manager/ Instagram King/ Event Organizer

XRVienna’s community sees XR as a tool that will allow humans to redefine reality. There is always fear towards what one can neither control nor fully understand, and our mission has become to help people get rid of that fear by providing education towards this tech, also making any first time XR experience unforgettable.

Past events (17)

pARty feVR – Come for the XR, stay for the fun!

Kandlgasse 19-21

XR Made (with ♥︎) in Austria

Kandlgasse 19-21

Challenges of Humanity and the Creative Use of XR

AIL - Angewandte Innovation Lab

VIS Vienna Shorts + Sound:frame + XRVienna present: Reality Check

Museum of Applied Arts

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