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Yoga - Kirtan - Mantras - Discussions about awakening

Some areas where this meetup can help:

Do you feel something is missing in your life?
Are you having ideas for a business or project and can't get started?
Do you have a current problem in ANY area of your life that you would like to fix?

Learn how to flex your cognitive muscles!
Imagine the brain as a collection of memories and labels that form beliefs. Whenever you think, these beliefs about the world are being used to create a narrative and construct the actions for your next steps. Often we have false or limiting beliefs that cloud our judgment or block our creativity. We get "stuck". Identifying these blocks helps us to find alternative paths to get rolling again.

In this Meetup, you will learn methods of discernment to ultimately discover patterns of how things really are. You will learn to see things from different angles. With little exercises and guided discussions, you will be able to take your current situation and create a clear path of action to move forward. Be it in business or your private life. Just bring your one burning question, desire, dream or problem and we will tackle it.

We use yogic mantras, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness methods as well as the wisdom of ancient scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita. Did you know that the great battle of Mahabharata as described in the Gita is a most elaborate description of inner transformation through self-analysis and self-improvement? Come and find out!

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