What we're about

Originally started as Markham Makers by Jay, the group evolved into Ylab, a maker space hosted by the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill (https://www.richmondhill.ca/en/david-dunlap-observatory.aspx).

Ylab is an incorporated, all-volunteer non-profit. That kind of thing is important when we want to rent a space, get liability insurance, open bank accounts...

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - just meetup, or makerspace paid membership

We use meetup.com for our discussion groups and announcements. All the meetup.com membership gets you is access to the forums and announcement emails. We don't sell or provide contact info to anyone else, and we don't sell access to the list. We may include information on other groups' events that we like... but only because we like them. We don't take money to do that.

We've been back at the DDO since April 1 2018. We suspended operations while the Town of Richmond Hill completed its acquisition of the site.

Membership has its privileges - and responsibilities. We are an all-volunteer organisation. Nobody gets paid. We pay rent and insurance We all work to maintain and clean the space, and we expect everyone to volunteer and help out in some capacity.

Full details on our membership can be found on our website about us page (http://www.ylab.ca/about-us/).


We are well equipped with ylab-owned and member loaned equipment. We feature laser cutter with a 24" x 36" bed, PLA and ABS 3D printers, oscilloscopes, soldering tools, amateur radio gear and a variety of other equipment. As membership increases, 100% of the funds go back into the space.

Use of some equipment requires passing an appropriate certification class or supervision by a certified member.


We host tech talks, classes and seminars at the DDO and in other location. Check out our blog entries (http://ylab.ca). Most importantly, we work on projects and help each other. It gets better every week.

We welcome anyone who interested in software, Arduino, 3D Printing, laser cutting, robot making and toy hacking, amateur radio and whatever else we can think of.

Our main website is http://ylab.ca .

All skills levels are welcome.

Upcoming events (1)

Arduino 2 Hands on: Basic sensors and controls

David Dunlap Observatory


Ylab Arduino Hands-On Course

(18 years + event)

If you missed our Arduino 1 class:

  • We've posted class notes and code samples here
  • Work through each of the code examples. When you can get the code of section 3.3 running, you are good for this Arduino2 class!

There are a whole assortment of sensors and control devices built for Arduino - and we have a whole bunch of them for you to try out!

We have devices made specifically for connecting to Arduino shields, and other cheaper devices that you can hook up on your own.

We'll cover the fundamentals of things like:

  • 3 volt vs 5 volt devices - when to use which one, and how to mix the two
  • Why do plans sometimes tell you to use a 100 ohm resistor, and sometimes a 10,000 ohm resistor
  • Why pull-up/pull-down resistors are required for some inputs... and why you may not need them.
  • Power for control vs power for driving a device
  • How you can safely control 120V household devices with your little Arduino board

You need to bring:

  • Your own laptop, pre-loaded with the Arduino IDE software SCROLL DOWN ON THE LINKED PAGE TO LOAD ARDUINO IDE[masked], NOT THE 2.whatever version. Version 2 is still flaky!
  • USB cable to connect the Arduino to the laptop
  • Arduino Uno board

If you do not have an Arduino board, we can provide one for $30 with the cable. Tax included.

NOTE: If you are visually impaired, we can provide a 19" monitor to attach to your laptop for the session. No charge.

This session will be the foundation for a series of more advanced Arduino sessions.

Past events (100)

2D Design and Laser Cutter Class - Nov 28-29 - Two night class

David Dunlap Observatory


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