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3 Key Follow Up Mistakes Most Professionals Make
“The Fortune Is In the Follow Up!” You’ve heard that 1000 times, right? So why is it then that so many professionals still can’t seem to get a solid flow of clients (that KEEP coming back again and again)? You met all these wonderful people. You shook their hand. You talked about business. You even gave them ideas on something that could make their lives better. Yet... most just became casual connections and nothing happened after that. Sound familiar? Let’s be honest, all these people you’ve been meeting may think you’re great but honestly have more important things to think about than calling you the day after you meet. We meet a ton of people but then we don't hear from them again. We have wonderful clients that love us but in a month or two they seem to have forgotten all about us. You’re the one Fumbling with “Follow Up Failure”? Remember... It’s not their job to remember us. They have more important things to do. It’s OUR job to stay top of mind for them and turn those casual connections into cash clients. We have to be there when they are ready. Once I Iearned this and put systems in place to keep in touch with prospects, vendors, and most importantly our clients, things changed. We went from barely surviving to thriving. This changed everything in my business and I’d like to share it with you on this special 2 hour event. I’ll be sharing 3 of the biggest mistakes I make in our business so you don’t have to! RSVP your spot now and join us on Thursday October 4th. I’d love to see you turn your casual connections into cash clients too! Ely

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