• Sales Development Seminar: Great Sellers Series

    University of Portland Bethany Village Campus

    Professor Barhoum will walk you through his 4 rules of great sellers. A new lecture series from the author and speaker. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Claim Your Seat Today https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sales-development-seminar-great-sellers-series-tickets-74356481237 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Most companies do not have an accountability intersection between marketing and sales. Professor Barhoum has spent 15 years doing, writing and teaching the fundamentals of sales and marketing. This seminar, along with your free copy of Professor Barhoum's most recent book, The Last Sales Book, will provide you with a tool set for being a great seller and more capable buyer. Win the right business Increase customer engagement Create a community of advocates for your personal brand Who should attend: * Field sales * Inside sales * Account managers * SDRs * Small business owners What you'll get: * A seat at the seminar * A printed copy of The Last Sales Book * Refreshments and lunch ------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy You Ticket Before They Sell Out https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sales-development-seminar-great-sellers-series-tickets-74356481237 ------------------------------------------------------------------- "There is no silver bullet in sales. But understanding the stages of both buying and selling will improve close rates and increase customer loyalty." - Joe Barhoum