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      Life coach and a mentor.. Im here to help people change their lives
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      I build a SAAS product, software engineer, would like learn more about marketing and meet people.
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      That is why I am here! I need a good marketing message for what I do!
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      My name is Lieve Maas, a transplant from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I moved for love to the USA in 2006. Super grateful that Portland OR has become my new home because of it! I'm a graphic designer, visual artist and owner of Bright Light Graphics.
    • Joined May 21, 2014
      Hi I'm Ariel! I'm a student at Lewis and Clark, interested in gaining more exposure to the marketing world.
    • Joined Sep 22, 2013
      my name is matt i have a local Garage door repair company and my goal is to improve my internet marketing http://www.garagedoorphx.com
    • Joined Mar 26, 2013
      I recently moved to Tualatin, OR from Phoenix, AZ. I started my business as a distributor of a health support product that gave me miraculous results and changed my life. I love meeting new people and learning.
    • Joined Oct 4, 2012
      Hi All :-) I'm Gina DeLong from Piranha Marketing. Been in love with marketing for more than a decade.. online, offline, mobile... I love copy, great offers, moving the free line, DIRECT RESPONSE, and engaging and education based FUN campaigns.
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      Entrepreneur, Business & Marketing Consultant, Conference Speaker, MCC Instructor, Tennis Player, Gourmet Cook, Avid Gardener, Personal Growth Motivator, ENTJ & INTJ, Opened 50 BKs, Former Radio Broadcaster ... and very much a night owl.
    • Joined Jul 25, 2012
      I recently started a business and things have been going great, but I am ready to take it to the next level.
    • Joined Apr 26, 2012
      seeking low cost SAH business startup ideas and directions & mentoring for internet marketing. if you have some good ideas please let me know.