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The intention of this group will be to offer easy access to powerful and potentially life changing experiences centered in and around Intimacy and Relationships. We like to refer to it as the Yoga of Relationship since a majority of the work involves either movement or standing in a specific posture/pose, intentional breath, sound, and entering deeper states of consciousness and connection.
Our work is rooted in masculine and feminine embodiment practice. Essentially learning to train your body to show up in a way that nurtures and feeds both you and your partner(s).We teach practices that will help you clear out the clutter so you can express the truth in your heart.Practices that will create and maintain sexual polarity in your relationship(s).
We use evidence based practices in Tantra & Kundalini yoga, Breath work, Qi gong, and more. You will engage with these disciplines to cultivate a greater capacity for expansion, feeling and expressing emotions, alchemizing your pain into a gift, and consciously choosing your experience in life.

At the moment We host monthly community breath work events at Agoura Power of Yoga.
We host men's, women's, and couples weekend intensive retreats throughout California.
We do individual and couples work out of our location in Calabasas.

To set up a complimentary discovery call please contact us:
P: 310-866-2037 E:mattandmissyrose@gmail.com

We would love to hear from you.

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