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What we’re about

My name is Maggie, I am a certified yoga instructor and flexibility coach. I teach vinyasa style yoga classes, my classes are dynamic, challenging, and fun. There is a different theme in each of my classes and I work on strength, balance and flexibility as well as focus on movement with breath. I also teach yoga for flexibility where we hold postures for an extended period of time and focus on the breath. In these classes if practiced regularly greater flexibility and mobility will be achieved. These classes are great for anyone who is struggling with tight muscles and stiff joints. There are many benefits to greater flexibility and one of them is less aches and pains as we age and more range of motion which leads to greater balance and a more active life.

My classes are for all levels as I offer many modifications and I use props such as yoga blocks, yoga strap, pillows, walls, and chairs to aid in reaching certain postures. I will let you know what will be used in each class. My classes are live streamed on Zoom and at various locations in the Chain of Lakes area in Lake County.
Please join my group if you like to practice yoga or if you want to be fit, stay active, and live a healthy life style. I offer weekly classes on line and at different locations. Practice with me and see you on the mat!