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What is Yoga Therapy? - By Beth Gibbs The current 'short' definition developed by the International Association of Yoga Therapists is: "Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga." The practice of Yoga therapy is aimed at developing self-knowledge through a process of personal witnessing and understanding the self. From the Yoga perspective, self-knowledge is health in the most complete sense. It focuses on healing at all levels of the person: physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual. It's a modality that can be applied to groups or individuals with specific health challenges. Yoga therapy is non-sectarian and non-hierarchical. Yoga therapy recognizes that relief of symptoms is just one facet of the healing process and that not all illness and disease can be cured. It does, however, provide a methodology to heal lives, reduce pain, and stress, and relieve physical symptoms and psychological suffering. Yoga therapy recognizes that the healing journey is unique to each individual and so selects, adopts and modifies all practices appropriately for the individual and/or group depending upon age, physical condition and ability, religion and culture. What is the Difference Between Yoga and Yoga Therapy? All Yoga is considered therapeutic but Yoga therapy is Yoga with a specific focus on health and healing. It is distinct from other systems of Yoga where the class structure and content may be pre-structured and the student molds him/herself to the form of Yoga being taught. Yoga therapy is based in creative, student-centered education, where the teachers are facilitators rather than gurus in the traditional Indian sense, because it is only by awakening the student's connection to his or her own true source of wellness that healing can occur.

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There are more than 50 muscles in the face, most of which are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve (also known as the facial nerve). Even if you work out regularly you could be neglecting these muscles. Face Yoga is a comprehensive system to release facial tension, reduce neck and eye strain, tone the eyes-neck-checks-jaw, and enhance your overall natural beauty. This workshop will provide these yogic tools: Awareness of the main facial muscles, their importance for appearance, the condition of internal organs and glands 12 exercises for establishing facial shape and activating glands, including the thyroid gland Breathing practices to support facial yoga How to notice your current facial condition and which muscles are necessary to train more intensively How to develop a 15-minute workout regime to notice and feel the difference in your face and enhance overall well-being. This workshop will be recorded if you cannot attend Live. Live attendance is required to count toward Art of Yoga Teacher Traiinng, Spela Palcic is a muti-lingual Yoga Instructor based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the owner of HOT YOGA – Slovenija and is certified in Face Yoga, Hot Yoga and Yin.

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