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What we’re about

Open to all levels, including beginners.  A regular yoga practice can help alleviate various physical ailments, increases energy while promoting deep relaxation, and improves focus and concentration. 

There's an idea that "in commitment there is freedom."  It seems counter-intuitive, but if you commit to a regular practice, within that dedication to your self-development and growth you find a system that has boundless potential, and in there lies freedom.

The offerings in this group focus on concentration, meditation, mantra, sound healing and more.  All classes at this time are offered by myself, Sandy Naimou.  

We lean in to the physical to learn to go beyond it.

Here are some of the offerings, but pay attention to weekly meetup events for the most current information:



YOGA IN THE PARK:  Energetic when it's cooler outside, a bit slower when it's hot outside.  Slow Flow practice open to all levels.   

DRUM CIRCLE - see for more info

SLOW DOWN RESTFUL SUNDAY EVENINGS: (not currently offered)  A more relaxing slower practice though it might start off energetically, then we wind down the weekend and prepare calm energy for the week.  The teacher has more liberty to be creative with the slow flow yoga practice than with Ashtanga, guiding you through various postures and breathwork.  We practice in a circle.  Live singing bowls will complete your practice as you rest. 

YOGA ON THE BEACH:  (not currently offered) Yesss..... Water and sand.

ASHTANGA (not currently offered): Follows the same structure every week, but the longer you stick with it the more results you will see and the more postures you can explore as new ones are introduced. The goal is to train body/mind to know the flow so that you eventually experience moving meditation.

The sequence begins with sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures, seated postures, lying down postures and inversions, and ends with a long rest or meditation to the sounds of live singing bowls.