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What we’re about

This group was created to promote the services offered by the Montreal grassroots non-profit organization Grow Still (

We welcome all emerging adults aged 16-35 years old. We strive to reach minority populations and build on our target population's strengths and existing support networks. We are bilingual and wish to bridge the gap between the english and french communities.

Our events fall under two categories: workshops, or fundraisers.


- Becoming Your Best Self - a 3 month series of weekly workshops to reconnect to your true self, maximize your energy, and find your life path.

- Be Who You Art: a 2-month series of artistic self-expression hybrid (virtual and in-person) workshops

- Care2Share: free discussion circles open to all to share, reflect, and individually and collectively heal through the sensitive topics related to inequality, illness, and conflict

Fundraisers: these usually seek to feature diverse culture & local artists, while raising money that will allow our organization to keep offering affordable prices to struggling emerging adults