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What we’re about

NOTE : Group Name Changed from "CTFMH" to YouthJosh.
Coffee, Talk, Food, Movie, Hangout, Poetry, Book Reading, Party, People, Passions, Awareness, Social , Kind, Helping Hands e.t.c

Welcome All...!
Join our discord server where we discuss lot of stuff like technology, travel, social meetups, restaurents, food, reviews, training e.t.c
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What your Meetup Group is about? \

CTFMH Meetup Group is about joining people together to talk about Entertainment, Education, Technology, Relationships, Nature, Cities, Tourist Places and more. This is more of fun and time pass so no arguments please, it's just like a sharing knowledge and learning things from each other.

Who should join: Describe your ideal members? \

Anyone can join CTFMH Meetup Group who want to talk and have some fun together. There is no age limit anyone who really want's to share their knowledge or experience which will really help everyone in their specific area's. So even a grandma can join where she can share her experience so we can learn from. If the specific meetup topic relates to their interests they can attend otherwise not required. But everyone allowed to join this group.
A techie can join and talk about the beauty and usage of specific technology.A college student can join to share his/her experience in the college and have fun. People who are feeling alone can join where she/he can talk to someone or at least listen to someone real person.

Why they should join: To learn, share, or have fun? \

To learn from other experiences.To know each other and become more human by learning from each other.To have a beautiful coffee and have fun.To understand each other's passion and much more.
Basically they chat each other, laugh each other, learn each other, inspire each other, understand each other, like each other, love each other.

What members can expect: Describe typical activities? \

Depend on the member's attendance and interests, acitivies will be encouraged including indoore games, fun games and out door games. And new idea's are always welcome.

Does the event organizer pay for our coffee, lunch or anything? \

Ans)Event Organizer will not pay your coffee Bill :) , we have to buy our own coffee, if someone want's to buy to someone they are welcome. \