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Agile Testing Days USA, Boston: A Sneak Preview
Annually hosted in Germany, Agile Testing Days (ATD) is known as one of Europe’s biggest agile testing conferences for software testers, developers, and managers. This year, ATD is coming to North America for the very first time. On June 25 to June 29, ATD USA will feature dozens of speakers from the QA and testing community for this “incredibly innovative testing festival” to be held in Boston, MA. Two of those speakers will include PQA Testing Ltd.’s, Christin Wiedemann, Executive VP of Service Delivery, and Jim Peers, QA Practitioner. As a sneak peak of the conference, Christin and Jim will each present their ATD USA talks at our May Meetup. So spread the word and RSVP! If you’re interested in attending ATD USA, contact us for a promo code to get a 20% discount or to reach out for any questions you may have. Hope to see you there! Automation for the People by Christin Wiedemann When talking about test automation we often limit ourselves to talking about using tools to execute steps in a script, but the potential of automation is much greater – and rarely fully exploited. We also tend to contrast automated and manual testing, whereas in reality these are complementary and should support each other. Automated and manual testing are not opposites but strongly coupled and interdependent – there is only testing! To realize the true benefits of test automation we should start by asking ourselves why we want to automate testing. When the Old House Creaks by Jim Peers We often talk about Agile in terms of development of new features, or greenfield projects. While rarely ideal, these scenarios present us with a “cleaner” version of Agile. But what about Agile methodologies as applied to the maintenance of a mature product? A mature product brings many more variables into play: addition or upgrading of features, addressing technical debt, bug fixing, security and accessibility concerns and working with an aging codebase all bring their own challenges. By necessity, these scenarios can force us to adapt our work model, moving away from a pure Agile workflow to find the right blend. In this talk, I will describe some of my experiences as a tester dealing with the maintenance of a mature product in an Agile environment, both good and bad, and share some of the key takeaways. Bios Christin Wiedemann: In her role as Executive VP of Service Delivery, Christin is involved in overseeing the company’s delivery and ensuring the staff, management and clients are happy. Christin is interested in making everyone around her a success, which makes her a strong leader and visionary for PQA. Jim Peers: Jim is a QA Practitioner at PQA Testing, with more than sixteen years of experience in software development and testing in multiple industry verticals. After working in the scientific research realm for a number of years, Jim moved into software development, holding roles as tester, test architect, developer, team lead, project manager, and product manager.

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