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yvrTesting is a Vancouver-based user group focused on sharing experiences and ideas around software quality assurance and testing. Each month, a speaker or panel from the Vancouver high-tech community will provide a presentation or workshop to the members of this group. Additionally, open discussion and collaboration is encouraged using the platform provided here.

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Testing With Your Eyes Open

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Welcome back to yvrTesting! Well that sure was some sort of Covid Hiatus wasn't it. Well we're back. I have a great topic that I think is really interesting to get it kicked off, presented by myself. I have another on deck for December that I'm really excited about. We'll do this one online, and into the future but someday we will get back together in person. URL: https://pqa-ca.highfive.com/yvrtesting Testing with your Eyes Open Some people (not testers) believe that testing is about having a defined script, steps that you follow one by one. The truth about good testing though is being aware, understanding how things work, how they fit together and having your eyes and understanding of how things work open enough. It's easy though to fall prey to test case fatigue, to end up with tunnel vision that makes it hard to notice the things in your testing that aren't in your test case path. The more times you run those tests the harder it is to keep your eyes open. I want to dig into that and help build some understanding around the problem and give you some tools to help increase your ability to find more and better issues. Mike Hrycyk Bio: Mike has been trapped in the world of quality since he first did user acceptance testing 23 years ago. He has survived all of the different levels and a wide spectrum of technologies and environments to become the quality dynamo that he is today. Mike believes in creating a culture of quality throughout software production and tries hard to create teams that hold this ideal and advocate it to the rest of their workmates. Mike is currently the VP Service Delivery, West for PQA Testing, but has previously worked in social media management, parking, manufacturing, web photo retail, music delivery kiosks and at a railroad. Intermittently, he blogs about quality at www.qaisdoes.com and tweets at @qaisdoes.

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