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YYC.js - Becoming an Open Source, JavaScript, Hipster 101

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Are you a corporate stiff and you are looking to unleash your inner hipster? Are you stuck using SVN or worse and want to know what this "git" and "Github" thing is all about? Are you already an expert, like free beer, and are willing to help people? Then look no further! This session is for you.

We will be going over:

Announcing the app we are building Fixies Doing some more feature brainstorming Hopefully showing off some basic wireframes Moustaches Covering jQuery (, git, Github ( and Bitbucket ( Showing some features you are probably aware of and some you probably are not Covering open source workflows branch/fork strategies Issue management The power of pull requests Appropriate Hipster attire Twitter Bootstrap ( Less ( jQuery plugins Why you don't actually need to be a Hipster, neckbeard, or live in your mom's basement (which is totally acceptable) in order to contribute to open source. What's happening next month

If you think you can speak on any one or all of these topics hit us up on twitter (, meetup ( or by email. We are always looking to mix up the speakers!