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We have taken the administration of the seminars through our website WPPluginsAtoZ.com/wpmeetup (https://wppluginsatoz.com/wpmeetup/). Thank you to everyone of you in our group for your participation, feedback and supporting our group / seminars.

To join us, you will need to go to our website to find the schedule and locations of all our future seminars. In order for us to stay in contact with you, we will require you to register through our website at WPPluginsAtoZ.com/wpmeetup (https://wppluginsatoz.com/wpmeetup/). This will allow you to continue receiving emails, seminar notices and our new newsletter as we are not able to import your contact information from Meetup. The messages you will receive will be similar to what you are currently receiving from us. If you have any questions about registering through our site @ WPPluginsAtoZ.com/wpmeetup (https://wppluginsatoz.com/wpmeetup/) such as how we will be storing/using your contact information (it will not be shared with anyone else and only used to contact you regarding information about the seminars and group) or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us either directly by emailing john@wppro.ca or use the form on our webpage listed above.

If you have any other questions, comments or feedback or if there are any particular topics that you would like to see covered in a seminar or know of a WordPress or ClassicPress speaker you would like to hear present, please message and let us know.

We hope to see you join us with our future set up through the WPPluginsAtoZ.com/wpmeetup (https://wppluginsatoz.com/wpmeetup/) page.

Victoria WordPress / ClassicPress User Group

This group is about creating WordPress / ClassicPress Meetups that help enhance the local WordPress / ClassicPress community. We do this with training seminars, tips and how to's and presentations from local WordPress / ClassicPress developers and group members. We strive to provide quality information, tips and support on managing your WordPress / ClassicPress website. We welcome suggestions from our members about what topics they want presented at a Meetup.

If you have a WordPress or ClassicPress website and are looking to learn more on how to build and manage it, then this is the group for you!

About your host:

John Overall is a Victoria-based WordPress Specialist (http://www.johnoverall.com/about-john-overall/). He has over 20 years experience online developing and repairing websites and managing servers. In that time, he has built a strong reputation as the ‘go to person’ when you need help and advice on the Internet. Since 2009, John has focused solely on WordPress websites and in 2019 started working with ClassicPress for hosting and development from his website at JohnOverall.com. He has been offering services for not only creating your WordPress / ClassicPress website but ongoing support and training so you can manage your own website.

John is also the host of a couple of podcasts. The “WordPress Plugins From A to Z (http://wppluginsatoz.com/)” podcast which focuses on the usage of plugins to enhance the functionality of WordPress. The other podcast is “The WordPress Medic (http://wpmedic.ca)” podcast, and it focuses on helping you solve your WordPress Emergency issues. Both can be found on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/johnoverall-com/id398954920), Stitcher Radio (http://www.stitcher.com/listen.php?fid=26980), and WPMedic.ca (http://wpmedic.ca).

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Lake Cowichan

WordPress Seminar - April 28, 2020

KW Optical

Website Seminar - February 25, 2020

KW Optical

WordPress Seminar - November 28, 2019

KW Optical


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