EmacsConf 2019 - Zürich Satellite

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We are happy to announce the official EmacsConf 2019 Zurich (CH)
satellite! For the satellite, there will be a physical venue where we
will gather, watch remote and hold live talks whilst enjoying good
discussions as well as food.

In accord with discussions with the organizers of the original virtual
conference (Amin Bandali and Sacha Chua), the satellite will be an
official EmacsConf venue.

The Zurich satellite will be free (as in beer) for guests. Venue and
food will be provided by 200ok llc (200ok.ch) whose founders are very
happy Emacs users.

The planning for the main conference is not finished, yet, but we do
have a tentative schedule for the Zurich venue:

- 9AM EST/2PM CET (local time): The conference starts
- The main conference will start with a keynote and commence with
- The Zurich satellite will be watching the main conference.
- Speakers of the main conference who are physically located at
the Zurich satellite will give their talks in front of a live
audience and will have their talks also streamed for the online

- 6PM CET: Dinner break

- 6:45PM: Live talks at Zurich satellite
- For this slot, the Zurich satellite deviates from the main
track. EmacsConf had over 30 great submissions, but the main
track can only feature that many talks. During this slot, the
Zurich satellite will feature a selection of additional live

- 9PM: End of live talks
- For the locals, it will be getting late. Therefore, the Zurich
satellite will switch back to watching the talks from the main
track and enjoy the EmacsConf goodness until the very end of the

- 11PM: Estimated end of conference

The schedule is subject to change and might slightly change alongside
the lineup of the main conference.

We are very much looking forward to EmacsConf 2019 - to meeting great
people, having interesting discussions and sharing all things Emacs and
Lisp \(^_^)/


- EmacsConf 2019 official site: https://emacsconf.org/2019/
- Amin Bandali: https://emacsconf.org/bandali
- Sacha Chua: https://sachachua.com