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What we’re about


Phoenix Multifamily Association is a group that was designated to create a space for networking and to share experiences with Apartment Investing. Our members range from seasoned syndicators with large multifamily portfolios to those who are still looking to find their first deal, or find opportunities to invest passively. Our group is open to ANYONE wanting to network and learn from another regarding Multifamily Apartment Investing. Come to one of our events to find your future partners, deals, investors, vendors, and learn from our Keynote speakers.

Past Keynote Speakers Include:

-Rod Khleif

-Neal Bawa

-Jack Bosch

-Ben Leybovich + Sam Grooms

-Damion Lupo

-John Kobierowski

+ Many Local Investors, Brokers, Lenders, and Service Providers.

* All Discussions are lead by Zach Haptonstall of ZH Multifamily.

Join our Facebook Group:

I’m always happy to help anyone, anyway I can to learn about real estate investing, or anything else they might need by at least making an introduction to someone who can help. <br> <br>We do not solicit investment opportunities, and we do not solicit investors. We establish pre-existing relationships with all of our investors and confirm that investors are sophisticated and/or accredited before they would qualify for any investment opportunities. <br> <br>If you’d ever like to learn more, have questions, or need referrals, please schedule a call with me at a time most convenient for you at the link below. Even if you consider yourself a beginner, we’re happy to share anything of value:

-Zach Haptonstall, President of ZH Multifamily