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OshoFest is a spiritually charged event to bring together Osho lovers from around the globe and spend 2 days together in ecstasy, celebration and relaxation. Various sessions in the events will help you enter into a deeper state of inner peace, balance and harmony. Whether you have just heard about Osho or have been an Osho lover throughout your life, you will walk away with blissfulness that will enrich your life. In a synergy of spiritual seeking, OshoFest offers an opportunity to enjoy Osho meditations and celebration in the beat of live music in an energy field with divinely vibes. SCHEDULE: SEP 21- You can check in anytime at the venue hotel after 3 PM, we will gather in the lobby between 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, then we may join each other for dinner at the near by restaurant. SEP 22- We will start with Dynamic meditation at sharp at 8 AM. We will finish late, Best is to stay in venue hotel. SEP 23- We will start with Dynamic meditation at sharp at 8 AM. We will finish by 6 PM or so. *If you are a first timers, please arrive in the hall at 7:30 AM for the instructions. COST: Entire Event: $285 per person without stay. $360 per person including shared accommodation for two nights at the same venue hotel room. $450 with full room for yourself. $600 per married couple with full room for two nights. $500 per married couple without stay. SEP 22: Saturday Only- $180 per person, $300 per couple. SEP 23: SUN Only- $150 per person, $250 per couple. * Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Saturday, Lunch will be provided on Sunday. *Continental breakfast will be provided. You may buy hot breakfast at the hotel restaurant. * There will be two people in one room with two full size bed for shared accommodation * You must book the event at least a month advance to reserve the accommodation, otherwise stay is not a guarantee. *Please book the entire room if you have snore issues. Follow the link to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button). ( One Sky Band is a festival of an international group of musicians, therapists and healers renowned for their sensitive and high-energy performances. Their unique and original compositions draw from a wide variety of sources. Each band member is familiar with the mystic art of creating silence from sound; spiritual ecstasy through dance and song. Their performances create a supportive, healing atmosphere where the inner world unfolds revealing its mysteries. Bring your dancing shoes and come prepared for these special days of music, meditation, and celebration that will surely touch the Heart and give wings to the Spirit. Rishi (Germany) - Drums Rishi is founding member of the acclaimed East-West fusion band, Hamsafar, with Prem Joshua. In recent years, his work has focused on shamanic groups and drumming circles. He tours with Milarepa since many years as a drummer and percussionist, also featuring on many of Milarepa’s recordings. Prabodh (Germany) - Bass Prabodh has always worked in Osho’s commune. He played many times in Osho’s presence for the discourses in Pune ll and has joined Milarepa and One Sky Band on numerous occasions for the tours and festivals. Milarepa (USA) — a singer/songwriter from the USA, Milarepa sings, plays guitar, and tours annually facilitating events and concerts around the world. He shares from the heart a unique vision of meditation, music, and celebration inspired by the enlightened master, Osho. About his music, Milarepa says: "Music reflects my personal understanding of meditation and love. The themes to my songs are universal and can be appreciated by ALL travelers on the path of truth and self-realization. We are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life - with our songs, our dances, our silences of the heart. As humanity moves forward, into the twenty-first century, this could never be more relevant." (

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If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our body mind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.

Osho Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho over a period of time to enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way.

At Zorba Studio we laugh, sing, dance, relax, play, create and celebrate life with the support of meditations designed by Osho. Osho has designed various techniques for the modern society that are therapeutic and enlightening. Osho meditations, books and discourses merge eastern and western philosophy and cover many topics including: Zen, Yoga, Kundalni, Dance, Breathwork, Chakras, Buddha, Jesus, Zorba, Gurdjieff, Sufi-ism, and so much more.

Come join us for fun in the wonderful world of Osho.


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